11 Delicious 'Souping' Recipes to Heal Your Gut and Kickstart Your New Year - Real Everything (2024)

Posted on January 4, 2019

If you’re tired of the same ol’ diet culture body shaming new years mentality, but want to focus on a health reset, I highly recommend Souping!

Last year I started a thing: “Souping.”

To kickstart 2018, I ate soup or drank broth for at least one meal a day. I felt great, and because I wasn’t “limiting” other foods it didn’t trigger any disordered eating or my inherit diet-culture mentality. I shared it with our community and it caught on like wildfire – pretty soon I saw souping being referred to in main stream media!

While I love the idea of main stream media sharing about the health benefits of soup, I want to make sure we talk about what my goals with souping were… versus the rules. Souping is like juicing, except instead of drinking fiber-void and sugar-rich juice, it’s all about eating nutrient rich, easily digestible soup to give your body a little healing love. This, of course, works well after intentional indulgences after the holidays.

You can read my full post about Souping here, but these are the key takeaways:

  • Soup offers a full array of nutrition – including gut healing amino acid proteins and a broad range of macro nutrients from veggies.
  • Include one broth-based meal a day into your routine; breakfast and lunch are easy to swap so that you can still have dinner with the family.
  • Where possible, add collagen to drinks for the added gut healing benefits in your coffee and tea to make it “broth-like.”

I myself am doing this again this year, and the below are a roundup of our favorite soup recipes. You’ll see these in my Instagram (@realeverythingblog) and our weekly meal plans! Here’s all the delicious inspiration you need in one convenient place.

I’d love it if you tag me on Instagram and use the hashtags #soupwithstacy and #morevegetablesthanavegetarian when posting pictures of your broth-based veggie-rich meals!It brings me so much joy to see your beautiful recipe creations and hear about your souping experience!

Our favorite recipes that we’ll be Souping with!

Veggie-Loaded Broccoli “Cheese” Soup

This clean soup is so tasty you won’t even realize you’re Souping. The butternut squash, broth, and broccoli base make it so creamy and nutrient dense, plus the nutritional yeast gives it a deliciously cheesy flavor while keeping it dairy-free!

Tutorial Thursday: Broth and Stock Bones

Broth is base of each of these soups because it’s where all the incredible gut-healing amino acids and micronutrients comes from. Homemade broth is so darn good, both for soups and sipping, so we’ve got this comprehensive tutorial to walk you through making your own nutritious, delicious bone broth!

Baked (not) Potato Soup

So how does one make a *not* potato soup? The secret ingredient is turnip! This soup is so rich and creamy it’s the perfect way to warm you up from the inside out on a cold winter day. It’s like a hug for your insides!

11 Delicious 'Souping' Recipes to Heal Your Gut and Kickstart Your New Year - Real Everything (6)

Creamy Butternut Bisque with Bacon

The best part of this dish is how freakishly good it is for you. With nutrient-dense and healing stock, anti-oxidants from the beta-carotene-rich butternut squash, tons of vitamins and minerals including a good punch of Vitamin D from the lard, this soup is the perfect food for both Souping and fighting off those winter germs!

11 Delicious 'Souping' Recipes to Heal Your Gut and Kickstart Your New Year - Real Everything (7)

New England Clam Chowder

Finally an alternative to the man’s comfort food – one that includes more vegetables than a gluten-free pasta version and more nutrients from the broth-base! Not to mention, clams pack a HUGE nutrient punch. We love this “Chowdah” recipe from Paleo Soups and Stews!

Chicken “Noodle” Soup

Of course I have a Paleo-friendly Chicken Noodle Soup on this roundup – it’s a classic! Loaded with easily digestible veggies and healing broth, this soup will fill you up and leave you feeling great.

Genius French Onion Soup

We are so lucky to have this incredible French Onion Soup on the blog from our friends behind the Bare Bones Broth Cookbook! It’s so creamy I actually turned and asked Matt if he added heavy cream to the recipe. I think you’re going to love it as much as we do!

Egg Drop Soup

We also refer to this soup as the-best-nutrient-bang-for-your-buck-breakfast around. Yes, you read that right: breakfast.As crazy as it sounds, this is one of our favorite breakfast recipes. Even the boys love it! It’s a unique, but delicious way to enjoy eggs in the morning.

Langostino Bisque (with nightshade-free option)

This recipe was born from last year’s Souping challenge! I’ve always loved lobster bisque, but hadn’t been able to enjoy it because of the tomato base. So Matt got creative and created this incredible Langostino Bisque which is not only easier to make, but is incredibly tasty and so much cheaper!

Stacy, didn’t you say you were souping? So why’s there a smoothie recipe on this roundup?

Hear me out! This smoothie recipe from our friends from The Bare Bones Broth Cookbook features 2 whole cups of bone broth! And because it’s loaded with fruit and veggies, you won’t even know you’re drinking that gut-healing goodness. It’s the perfect way to sneak a little bone broth into your kids diets when they’re not looking.

11 Delicious 'Souping' Recipes to Heal Your Gut and Kickstart Your New Year - Real Everything (13)

Stacy’s Soups

When I was consistently eating soups for breakfast, my followers on Instagram wanted to the recipes! But the problem was, each soup was more or less thrown together so instead of “giving you a fish,” we decided to “teach you to fish” with this tutorial for making your own delicious soups with the ingredients you have in your kitchen!

11 Delicious 'Souping' Recipes to Heal Your Gut and Kickstart Your New Year - Real Everything (14)

11 Delicious 'Souping' Recipes to Heal Your Gut and Kickstart Your New Year - Real Everything (2024)
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