Duna Atmosphere Height (2024)

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  • Duna is the fourth planet of the Kerbol system. It is the Mars analog for Kerbal Space Program and is mostly red with polar icecaps. It has one natural satellite; Ike. Due to Ike's size and proximity, Ike and Duna are almost tidally locked to each other. Making Ike look like its slinging left and right when Duna rotates. With proper aerobraking, a round trip from Kerbin to Duna's orbit and back requires roughly 1700 m/s of delta-v, less than a round trip to any other planet. Duna is often the ea

Duna | Kerbal Space Program Wiki | Fandom

2. At what altitude does Duna's upper atmosphere start?

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  • Hello All. Just a planning question I think? At what altitude does the upper atmosphere start on Duna?

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  • Duna's terrain ranges in altitude from 124 to 8264 meters. Its mountainous ranges are a peril to landing craft, especially considering the thin atmosphere, ...

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  • High Orbit, 70 000 m - 47,921,949.369738 m, 16.0 ; Low Orbit, 50,000 m - 70,000 m, 24.0 ; Atmosphere, 0 - 50,000 m, 8.0 ...

  • Duna is a small, dry planet and the fourth planet in the Kerbolar System, and functions as the Mars analog. Its orbital eccentricity and inclination are similar to Kerbin's, making it a relatively easy destination for interplanetary ships to reach from Kerbin. It features a thin atmosphere and a relatively massive moon, Ike. "Duna, The Reddest Planet, has long been an object of study and inspiration to Kerbal scientists and artists alike! Its thin, low-pressure atmosphere allows for both aerobra

Duna - Kerbal Space Program 2 Wiki - Fandom

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6. Kerbal Space Program - Duna Flight Math - Physics Forums

  • 5 sep 2014 · In other words, we calculate the work required to slowly lift the ship from its present orbital height up to infinity. Note that in our case, we ...

  • The Sands of Duna An intermission of math. Skip this post (and the next) if you are not interested in the math. But since you are reading this on Physics Forums after all, there's a good chance you are interested. If so, read on. :smile: Collinsmark is not affiliated with Squad nor Kerbal...

Kerbal Space Program - Duna Flight Math - Physics Forums

7. Duna Express Mission - meithan.net

  • The presence of an atmosphere brings a unique opportunity to cut down on the high delta-v cost required for orbital insertion coming from an interplanetary ...

  • Having conquered all celestial bodies within Kerbin's sphere of influence, the Kerbal Space Program was ready to finally visit other planets. The most obvious choice was Duna, the Red Planet. But before a manned mission could be sent, the Program needed to learn the specifics about Duna's atmosphere and to develop systems and gain experience in interplanetary travel. The Duna Express multicomponent robotic mission was to be the first milestone.

8. Advanced Duna Lander | Kerbin Space Exploration Administration

  • The dimensions look identical to the one by the space center and I'm ... “That's from the dust in Duna's atmosphere! It's the right size to let blue ...

  • Posts about Advanced Duna Lander written by sayburstuff

Advanced Duna Lander | Kerbin Space Exploration Administration

9. High Lift Duna-optimized Spaceplane - KerbalX

High Lift Duna-optimized Spaceplane - KerbalX

10. Duna Express - Aerocapture - meithan.net

  • Although the craft was already gaining altitude again, atmospheric drag was still significant. Engineers watched the telemetry nervously, knowing there was ...

  • At arrival into Duna's gravitational sphere of influence, the trajectory of Duna Express was a hyperbolic escape trajectory.

11. Kerbal Space Program - Launch for Duna - Physics Forums

  • 27 jul 2014 · Duna has a very thin atmosphere, yet we want to utilize atmospheric drag as much as possible during the descent. "Mk25 High Altitude Parachute" ...

  • The Sands of Duna Part 1: Introduction So let's go to Duna! (Duna is Kerbal Space Program's [KSP's] analogue of Mars.) Here are some mission requirements that I set out for myself: Mission requirements: Bring two or three Kerbals to the surface of Duna and bring back all sorts of...

Kerbal Space Program - Launch for Duna - Physics Forums

12. Duna | Kerbal States | Kerbin Space Exploration Administration

  • The rear airbrakes deploy, and the lander heads nose-first into the Duna atmosphere! ... Discovery achieves high orbit! Mirphe begins to rendevous with ...

  • Posts about Duna written by sayburstuff

Duna | Kerbal States | Kerbin Space Exploration Administration

13. All Mods on SpaceDock

  • ... Duna Atmosphere. Thins Duna's atmosphere. More Realistic Duna Atmosphere. 0.3 ... Height. Display your height above ground or above sea level from the ...

  • A community modding site for Kerbal Space Program

All Mods on SpaceDock

14. KSP Visual Calculator

  • An altitude above the atmosphere (70 km for Kerbin); A velocity towards the ... Duna and essentially rendezvous. This is extremely inefficient because ...

  • Online Kerbal Space Program calculators for delta-v, comm-net, ISRU.

15. Driving Duna - Brotoro.com

  • ... Duna's atmosphere at interplanetary speeds. Come on, Duna... show some effort here! But the braking was successful in capturing the ship into an orbit with ...

  • I wanted to give the new stock rover parts a real workout, so I decided it would be fun to drive all the way around a celestial body. At first I thought Minmus might be nice, because it's small, so I wouldn't have to go a long distance... but then I rejected that idea, because it's small, so it wouldn't be that big of a challenge. I wanted to circumnavigate a WHOLE PLANET. So I chose to drive around Duna. I would use the same Fido KE rover that I designed for Desdin to use on Eve, since it's meant to be fast and safe. I decided to do the mission un-kerballed even though having one of those wheel-fixing accessories on board would be handy, I didn't want to have to go through the bother of sending a ship to bring the kerbal back home to Kerbin.

Duna Atmosphere Height (2024)
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