Get Cozy With a New Hot Toddy Recipe (2024)

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Get Cozy With a New Hot Toddy Recipe (1)

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Updated on 08/5/21

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Get Cozy With a New Hot Toddy Recipe (2)

When the cold winds start to blow, you can turn to a hot toddy to warm up. This steaming cup of liquor and tea with a little lemon and honey is both simple and fantastic, and that's why it's long been a favorite among hot co*cktails.

The toddy is actually an old-fashioned style of co*cktail that has been around for well over a century. While it ​canbe served either hot or cold, the hot toddy is more popular today. By definition, a toddy is a drink with a distilled spirit, sweetener, and water. While the original hot toddy portrays that perfectly, there are many possibilities for that formula. These soothing toddy recipes showcase just a few of the things that you can do with a toddy and can spur ideas for your own creative concoctions.

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    Hot Toddy

    Get Cozy With a New Hot Toddy Recipe (3)

    This is the hot toddy. It's the classic recipe that everyone thinks about when they hear the name and acts as the foundation for all other toddies. Even this recipe comes with a few options.

    You can choose whiskey (typically blended or a bourbon), or go with the softer, sweet touch of brandy or rum. From there, you can pick your tea and preferred sweetener. It's brilliant in its simplicity and versatility, so give this recipe your own spin.

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    Black Tea Toddy

    Get Cozy With a New Hot Toddy Recipe (4)

    The matter of tea is always a personal choice when it comes to the toddy. This particular recipe opts for a strong black tea, but it's far more interesting than that. The black tea toddy also suggests optional spices like clove, cinnamon, and star anise. Adding any or all of those is a quick way to give your toddy a boost of flavor.

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    Hot Not Toddy

    Get Cozy With a New Hot Toddy Recipe (5)

    For the non-drinker, the hot not toddy is ideal. Not only is this a nonalcoholic version of the original, but it encourages you to play with different types of tea to obtain a very personal flavor. Favorites include black oolong, green tea, and Earl Grey, though orange-based teas with hints of spice are excellent as well.

    The hot not toddy offers comfort when you are under the weather, too. It's easy to make, soothing, and aromatic, the ideal remedy that helps you feel a little better.

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    Hot Apple Toddy

    Get Cozy With a New Hot Toddy Recipe (6)

    The hot apple toddy is another favorite and a superb choice for the chilly days of autumn. In this cozy recipe, the water is replaced with hot apple cider and paired with your favorite whiskey. While apple brandy is a nice alternative, it can be a little too much apple for some tastes.

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    Hot Ginger Toddy

    Get Cozy With a New Hot Toddy Recipe (7)

    Ginger is not new in the world of toddies. While ginger syrup has long been used to add a sweet spice to the warm brew, today's ginger liqueurs make it even easier. The hot ginger toddy recipe prefers to play up that darker flavor profile with a shot of bourbon to create a warm drink that will definitely not go unnoticed.

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    Hot Gin Toddy

    Get Cozy With a New Hot Toddy Recipe (8)

    The hot gin toddy is by far the most aromatic and it is incredibly soothing. There's no need for tea in this toddy because when that hot water is poured, the botanicals of the gin open up and take on a new life. Whether it's as a nightcap, a quick warmer, or to find some relief from a head cold, this recipe can easily become your new go-to.

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    Grand Rum Toddy

    Get Cozy With a New Hot Toddy Recipe (9)

    The grand rum toddy shows that you can create any flavor of toddy with the simplest addition. It focuses on citrus fruits, mixing rumwith a sweet orange liqueur and a little lime juice. The result is an invigorating, semi-tropical toddy with a brighter taste than most.

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    Hot Cinn Apple Toddy

    Get Cozy With a New Hot Toddy Recipe (10)

    Apple and cinnamon are a natural pairing for fall co*cktails and they come together wonderfully in the hot cinn apple toddy. The cinnamon comes from schnapps and it's fantastic against a robust bourbon and warm cider. Add agave nectar for sweetness and a hint of lemon and you're ready to cozy up by the fire.

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    Warm Old-Fashioned

    Get Cozy With a New Hot Toddy Recipe (11)

    If you love a well-made whiskey old-fashioned, try giving it the hot toddy twist. You'll keep the sugar, bitters, cherry, orange, and bourbon, but simply finish the mix off with hot water to create an appropriately named warm old-fashioned. It's interesting to see how the familiar flavor medley reacts under heat and compare that experience to the original co*cktail.

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    Get Cozy With a New Hot Toddy Recipe (12)

    When you're ready for an adventure in international toddies, turn to the canelazo. It's a favorite drink in the highlands of South American countries and includes brown sugar, spices, and a hint of citrus. Don't worry if you can't get ahold of aguardiente ("firewater") because rum will do just fine!

Get Cozy With a New Hot Toddy Recipe (2024)
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