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- 04 Dec 2022 02:18 #212935 I think that the Drowned World should get their own version of PokeMarts.

They don't have to look anything like the usual PokeMarts, but I feel that they should be visually appealing and serve to help players restock on items and prep their teams while undergoing the Drowned Lugia quest.

Don't have to follow what I'm suggesting in this paragraph, but I suggest that they should be visually-appealing structures that spawn commonly at any altitude in the dimension. Might even serve as an air bubble. They would contain a shopkeeper selling medicine items, a special move tutor meant to help with beating Drowned Lugia, and a new type of shopkeeper that sells held items.

As for the move tutor, it would be a special one whose moves are specifically meant to help with the boss fight if the player finds it unwinnable. Each move in its list would be from a specific pool and the moves would change each Minecraft day. I was going to simply suggest a TM shopkeeper, but it wouldn't help as much to be offered random moves and I felt that it would be too difficult to make a TM shopkeeper specifically give moves that help with Drowned Lugia, especially when a new Pokemon generation comes out.

Sample Move Tutor Pool | Show

Here's the reasons why I feel this should be incorporated:

  1. The Drowned World has hardly any structures, especially in 1.16 where the prismarine structures (which still weren't enough in my opinion) were replaced with large chunks of stone. Frankly, it's rather boring. Apart from containing Drowned Pokemon, the whole dimension can currently be summed up as "A dimension containing large rocks and filled with water that changes between black, blue, and red depending on biome". That's it. Even in 1.12 I felt there needed to be more visual features. The PokeMarts could add more detail to the dimension, especially if they have cool and interesting designs.
  2. Completing the Drowned Lugia quest can be tough on the team. You have to defeat several Pokemon, then challenge a powerful boss with a good Ability. While the addition of Revenant and the changes to the boss system may allow you to put up more of a fight rather than get hopelessly swept, you are still very likely to loose. And run out of healing items, which you can't get more of in the Drowned World. Completely leaving the dimension is quite inconvenient. It would be nice if you could go to a shop to buy more healing items without leaving the whole dimension.
  3. What if the player realizes that they need to adjust their strategy? Their current team may be found to have major flaws when battling Drowned Lugia. Also, new players may not have been aware of Drowned Lugia's type-changing, moveset-changing, and regenerating abilities when they planned out their team; all the quest-giver told them was that there was a Lugia. Those were the thoughts behind the move tutor and the shopkeeper that sell held items. With this mechanic, players would be able to change up their team by teaching them new moves and giving them new items.
  4. What if the player, when constantly challenging Drowned Lugia trying to beat it, has their Pokemon use up all of a particular held item like Focus Sashes or Power Herbs they have in their inventory? I feel it is underestimated how hard held items can be to get in large quantities. Most players can't fully stock up on consumable held items, certainly not reliably. With the held item shopkeeper, players would be able to gain more of their strategic held items if they run out.
  5. The rewards of the Drowned Quest are rather niche. You get a Drowned Robe, Pumpkin Alcremie, and the ability to catch Drowned Pokemon. Players might not need, want, or use any of these things. Additionally, those are the only reasons to go to the Drowned World, as there are no other challenges, structures, Trainers, resources (besides stone), or anything else someone may desire. The held item shopkeeper may help with that. Competitive players in particular may benefit from the shopkeeper, while the Drowned Quest rewards wouldn't benefit them much. The move tutor may also lure people to the dimension if the moves are good.
  6. Another reason for the move tutor: Even if a player knows what kind of moves they need to beat Drowned Lugia, they might have trouble actually getting those moves, especially if they are below level 50 or so.

Maybe the shopkeepers and move tutor could have skins based on Drowned mobs from Minecraft or based on the Drowned Pokemon, so they look more like residents of the dimension.

Also if you want to, you could try a custom currency system with this shop, like how the shops associated with the battle facilities in the main games use a different type of currency like battle points. Maybe have your currency for Drowned World PokeMarts be related to battling Drowned Pokemon, beating Raids in the Drowned World if those get added, or maybe even defeating Trainers specific to the dimension. This could help get around any concerns about making held items too easy to get and give the player more to do in the Drowned World. Also, the currency could be disabled with config if server owners are concerned. Perhaps the special move tutor can request this currency too.

At the very least, hope this provides some inspiration for Drowned World structures.

Pixelmon Mod View topic - Drowned World Structure with Shopkeepers and Move Tutor (2024)
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