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She walks in Beauty (story) - Page 5 | Kuch Toh Log Kehenge (4) She walks in Beauty (story) - Page 5 | Kuch Toh Log Kehenge (5)

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Chapter 39

"Weighingheavily on the heart is the season of quotidian concerns

Itis the season for testing the beauty of the beloved..."

What happened?" asked Nidhi bewilderedand concerned at the sudden turn of events.

Ashutosh still in trappings of the state hewas in, was trying to soothe and brave himself for the upcoming task...he wipedhis face and uttered, "Two trains have collided at lucknow station...I need togo"

Nidhi gets up quickly and asks, "What?"

"Yes lot of people are injured"Ashutosh quickly puts off his shirt and moves to rest room. He splashed somecold water on his wasn't easy for him to come out of the state he wasin. Nidhi stuffing her jewelery in closet asks, "Wait for a minute...I'llchange...I'll accompany you"

He emerges from restroom and gives hera quick fond glance...feeling proud for the considerate person she is and winksat her in acceptance. Suddenly Nidhi realises she hasn't unpacked and don'thave any casuals in her cupboard. Ashutosh was changing...when his eyes caughther wife lost in something, "Quick Nidhi".

He smiles the way she kept her eyesaway from him and answered, "I have got nothing to wear...haven't unpacked".Tucking his shirt in his trousers he asks, "Which bag?" She answers, "Thefourth one". He quickly throws the first three bags on the couch and she movesto get her casuals. Ashutosh takes his jacket and sprints out saying, "Comequickly...I'll get the car"

After a minute...Nidhi was locking thedoor of her house and Ashutosh was waiting for her to get on the car...themoment she got in he raced the car, "Please drive carefully"

"Don't worry Nidhi...every moment isimportant...we can save a life"

"Yes only if we reach there"

He gives her a sidelong glance andnotices her wearing her sandals...her dupatta and her mangalsutra on thedashboard...keeping his eyes on the road and on her wife intermittently...hisheart swells with spite of being on leave and so zonked after theirreception party... his wife didn't take a minute to prompt to help the injured.

Within moments they reachhospital...Ashutosh and Nidhi meet Dr. Rangnath at reception...waiting withsome ward boys and gurney...the moment he saw Ashutosh he explains, "Sir wholehospital has been put on alert...doctors have been informed...the injured arebeing treated at medical camp near the accident site...we have sent our doctorsas well.

Ashutosh nods and Rangnath adds,"injured after necessary first aid are being referred to City Hospital andnearby hospitals...mayor of the city has asked us to be ready...we areexpecting some injured as the near by hospitals are already crammed."

Ashutosh asks,"Hope emergency issufficiently staffed"

"Yes sir"

"I'll talk to the Mayor...we shouldn'twait here...I think we should offer our help...and save some lives"

Dr. Rangnath nods in acceptance andjust then the siren of ambulances were heard...whole hospital went intoalert...ambulances rushed in bringing many injured...and all the staff anddoctors get engaged with their treatment.

Thankfully the hospital didn't receivemany children and those who were admitted had very minor 7 in themorning Nidhi at Dr. Behl's insistence left hospital. Before leaving for homeshe went to check Dr. Ashutosh but as expected he was in the OT...she hired acab and left car for him.

Dr. Mathur was having his morning teaand reading his morning newspaper when he saw Nidhi entering the entrance ofthe house. Surprised to see Nidhi so early morning coming from outside...lookingvery tired out...he stood up and took a few steps towards her, "Nidhi! Wherewere you beta? Why are you looking so tired?"

"Baba I was in hospital...last nightmoments after our return from party we came to know about the train collision andwe had to go...lot of people have lost their lives and lot are injured"

"Oh! yes I was just reading about thecollision when I saw you coming...come, have a cup of'll feelbetter...then take some rest"

Hiraman Kaka overhears their conversationand butts in, "No beta you go freshen up...I'll bring your coffee"

Nidhi nods and moves to herroom...after taking a few sips of coffee...fatigued she throws herself on thebed and within moments she was in deep sleep.

At breakfast Arman who got up very latewith Riya in her arms asks Sneha, "Where is our bride and groom...and winking at Sneha mumbles...Stillsleeping?"

Sneha who was serving breakfast to Babaglares at him taking Riya from his arms she answers, "Ashutosh is in hospitaland Nidhi is having rest...there has been a train collision last night...lot ofpeople are injured and scores have lost their lives"

Arman responds, "Oh! Sorry... didn'tknow that" he closes his eyes feeling sad for all the causalities and for hisfriend...whose desirous face displays before his eyes and he sighs deeply.

"When did Nidhi come back?"

Baba answers, "Just two hours before"

"And Ashu is still there"

Before Sneha could answer... Riyayells, "Achu" all turn to see Ashutosh who was walking in looking dead tired...snehaoffers him coffee but he refuses saying he would like to take shower first ashe had to move back to hospital. Giving a peck at Riya's cheek he moves to hisroom and Arman asks Sneha to keep his breakfast ready.

Fatigued when Ashutosh enters his room...hefinds Nidhi sleeping on the bed in middle...her feet on floor...head resting onsmall sprawled on the bed...her hands folded on her stomach. Thesight before Ashutosh's eyes makes the fatigue to vanish in thin air...first abig grin and later after taking in the sight completely, a chuckle crumples hisface. He walks up to her...slowly kneels on the bed and moves very close her for a few seconds...tucks the strand of hair on her face,behind her ear, and pecks her forehead very softly and carefully not to wakeher up.

His state was...thewinds teased (her) tresses, and it is mybreaths that tie themselves in knots

He very carefully takes off hersandals...pulls her softly up on the bed...smiling at the way she was in deepslumber not feeling any disturbance. He replaces the bolster beneath her headwith a pillow and tucks her under a duvet...and grins the way she snuggles downthe duvet feeling the warmth...watching her for a few moments...he softlytouches her head...takes a deep breath and moves to take his shower...beforedrawing all the curtains of the room to block the sunlight and not allow sun todisturb her beauty sleep.

Ashutosh all dressed up emerges fromthe dressing room...his heart was thumping and his body was aching to be withher in that duvet but that was likewill-O'-the- wisp that time.Staring at her for a few moments he moves out on the balcony and comes backwith a rose...placing the rose and her morning medicines at her side...heslowly caresses her hair taking utmost care not to wake her up... pecks herhead and sprints out of the room without turning and looking back at her.

Sneha and Arman forces him to have hisbreakfast...while having breakfast he advises Riya and makes her understand thatshe can't go to Achi's room. Sneha smiles and assures him that she will takecare of her and he leaves for the hospital.

After an hour of sleep Nidhi opens hereyes and turns to her side snuggling down into the warm duvet...the warmth ofduvet makes her realise that someone has tucked her up. She quickly getsup...the ambience of room makes her sense that no someone but Ashutosh hastucked her in...She caresses the comforter softly...hugs herself as if feelinghis presence and then suddenly her mind turns to him...She mumbles...where is he?...she turns to move out ofbed and her eyes catch the medicine and the rose...taking the smell ofrose...she slowly caresses the petals...sways the rose on her cheek...andpicks her phone to call him.

Ashutosh was ready to move toOT...stuffing his phone in the drawer he checks his phone final time...he wascraving to talk to her...he was going for a complicated surgery and wasexpecting the surgery to take long...sighing deeply he was about to lock hisdrawer when he hears his phone buzz...he quickly opens the drawer and his facelights up, "Good Morning Love"... "Good Morning! Where are you?"

He chuckles "So you are still insleep...I'm in hospital"... "You came here"... " take shower".

She grumbles "when? And why didn't youwake me up?"

"Ah! How I wished...but didn't haveheart to do that"... "You should have"...she pouts...he smiles ruefully visualising her pout... "Okay! I've animportant surgery to to go".

She asks "You had your breakfast"...hesmiles again, "Yes I had"...she takes a deep breath and answers, "Okay! Allthe best for your surgery"... "Thank you! Love you"... Nidhi turns emotionalshe feels lonely and Ashutosh waits for his answer calls her, "Love!"...shegulps and answers, "Love you too" he responds with "bye" and adds quickly"don't forget to have your medicine" and hangs up the phone.

Nidhi takes her shower and quicklydresses up in a beautiful pink chiffon saree having silver laces at borderswith pink and silver brocade top...wore a silver bindi and diamond dangles.Sneha on first look exclaims, "Wow Nidhi you are looking so pretty"

"Thank you Bhabi"

"Have your breakfast quickly before ourdoll comes with her Barie doll"

Nidhi chuckles, "Where is she?"

"She is in lawn... playing with Baba"

Nidhi having her breakfast asks, "Bhabiwhere is Arman bhaya"

"He has gone to his fashionhouse...he'll be back by have your breakfast...I'll cook lunch"

"Let me help you"

"No not so soon...but you'll have tomake a sweet dish... as a ritual... to mark the beginning to be the cordon bleuof the kitchen"

Nidhi chuckles in response, "SureBhabi...I'll do that...but I'll never be able to cook so good to be called ascordon bleu"

"Oh! You'll be a one soon...don'tworry...practice makes a man perfect and I'm sure Ashutosh is going to relishwhatever you cook"

Nidhi smiles in response and Snehamoves to cook the lunch.

After playing with Riya for sometimeNidhi makes sweet dish...She tries to call Ashutosh to find whether he can comefor lunch or not but her call was not answered...she sends a sms, "Waiting forlunch" just then Arman arrives and Nidhi forces all to have their lunch...sheserves and makes everyone including Hiraman Kaka to have lunch...when sheserves sweet dish Sneha reveals, "The sweet dish is made by Nidhi"

Baba's eyes gleam, "Nidhi you made yourfirst dish in this house...let me taste beta" then as if he suddenly rememberedsomething he stands up saying, "You serve in my bowl...I'm coming" Nidhi frownsshe looks at Sneha who shrugs her shoulders in response.

Arman tastes the dish,"Hmn..Paediatrician special" Nidhi was waiting for his reaction he takes histime to relish and then asks, "Is this some special dish Nidhi?" She frowns, "No! I'm asking just for myknowledge ...I'm sure this must be called Sweet less...sweet dish"

Nidhi's face falls...she mumbles..."But I added Sugar"

By that time Baba comes back and asks,"Okay! Let me taste the dish...hmn...must taste good"

Nidhi tries to stop him, "No Baba don'thave this...I'll bring another one"

"Why? What is wrong with this? I'llhave this one...the one prepared by you first time in this kitchen"

Baba tastes a bit and tries to hide hisgrimace...Nidhi notices that and mutters, "Baba I'm sorry". Sneha noticingsmirk on Arman's face takes a spoonful from his bowl and tests. Her eyes popout, "Nidhi this tastes so good...they are lying"

Nidhi smiles and pouts, "Baba!"...Babachuckles and pats her cheek, "Even sugarless dish cooked by my Nidhi is goingto taste like honey for me". Nidhi looks affectionately at her grandfather andhe blesses her and hands over a box to her...she frowns and asks, "What is thisBaba?"

"These are bangles...I bought long agofor my Ashu's bride...I didn't give to you...thought they are old fashionedbut now I had nothing to give in shagun...if you wish you can change them withwhatever is in these days"

She opens the box and finds beautifulpair of gold bangles and exclaims, "WOW! Baba...they are so beautiful"...Babasmiles in response feeling contented with the joy that filled his heart andhome.

Nidhi sulks looking at Arman...he getsup and side hugs her...offering her an envelope...she was about to open when he stops her saying, "Open when Ashu is here" . Nidhi gives a questioning look to Sneha but she shrugs her shoulders.

After having lunch they sat togetherenjoying Riya's frolics...her antics while she was trying to tie laces of hershoes...Nidhi teaches her but her fingers too little fail to do what she wasall fascinated to do...Arman watches them keenly...he gets lost thinking aboutthe fears he much he feared about the girl he wished in his friend'slife...what if she wont be able to get well with him and his family wasconstantly hounding him...he always had fear to loose the family, Baba, hisbrother like friend...he always used to rest those fears at bay for hisfriend...but talking to Nidhi on thevery first day when he came to know about her...made his fears to vanish intothin air...and now seeing her daughter so attached to her another fear sproutsin his mind and he voices that, "Nidhi don't pamper her so much...she will havehard time in your absence"

Nidhi hugs Riya and rocks her in herarms "She is my cutie pie...why shouldn't I pamper her...and why is she goingto miss me...I'm always with her"

"I have booked tickets for tomorrow"

Nidhi and Baba utter at same time,"What?"...Baba adds "How can you Arman? Not so are going to stayhere"

"Baba I would love to...but my businessneeds me...we need to go now"

Nidhi protests, "No you can't go!Atleast stay for some more days' bhaya"

He gets up and holds her in a side hug"No cutie pie...I have an important fashion week to attend at Mumbai...but youhave to promise all including Kaka are going to visit us soon" he addsmumbling... "I know you can take care of heart stone"

She frowns and sulks, "how am I goingto live know he is working 24X7"

Sneha butts in, "Don't worry you arenot going to miss'll be flying soon to your honeymoon"

She purses her lips and mumbles "yes to KGH" and all laugh out loud.

Nidhi missed Ashutosh a lot...the houseshe stepped in only two days ago seemed so lonesome...everyone was present butjust for him a feel of loneliness lingered with her all day...while waiting forhim she thought to unpack her bags... she arranged all his clothes in part ofthe closet and the other was occupied by her the whole wall wasfilled with closets from floor to ceiling...she had enough space to stuff allher things.

Sneha also got busy with her packingand when she came to see what Nidhi is doing... she also helped her and triedto persuade her to have something to eat but she denied. At about 7 in theevening she received a call from him and she came to know that he was done withsurgery but can't come home this evening as well...her face spent anight without him seemed so horrifying. She wished away her thoughts and wentto seek Baba's permission to take dinner for him. Baba consented and at about 8she left with dinner for Ashutosh.

Ashutosh was dead tired after a longsurgery...his head on the back of couch and eyes closed he was having somerest...Nidhi enquiring from his secretary came to know that he is in his cabinand she tiptoed to his cabin opening door softly...her heart wrenched seeinghim resting that way...his mug of coffee intact was on the table. She placed herbag softly on the floor...gently walking upto him... she slowly leaned forwardand kissed his forehead.

Ashutosh opens his eyes alarmed...Nidhichuckles...watching her in stun for a while he pulls her and she looses herbalance and falls in his lap... hekisses her on her cheek and pulls her in a tight embrace...her face sunk in thecrook of his neck and his check caressing hers he asks, "What are you doing here?"

She comes out and garlands his neckwith her arms and answers, "Just came to see my husband...who is so busy thathe forgot her wife"

He stares her for a long minute...hugsher tightly saying, "I'm sorry...squeezingher in... I missed you"

And she answers breathing himin...enjoying to be in his arms after so many hours, "I missed you too" After awhile she stirs but he holds her tightly saying, "Stay here"...She smiles,"this is not our bedroom...this is your cabin" he loosens his hold and mumbles,"So what?" She chuckles looking at him but her expression turns to grim, "youlook so tired"

"Yes I was a lot... but now I' Barie doll is in my arms"

She giggles and repeats, "Barie doll"

Ashutosh nuzzling her neck asks, "Howzshe?"

"She is fine...but they are going back"


"Yes Arman Bhaya has booked his ticketsfor tomorrow...please tell him to stay for some more days"

Nidhi stands up and gets her bag and hewatches him fondly answering her, "Can't do that Nidhi...his business needshim...he has already neglected his business a lot...can't be so selfish...his eyes catch her bag he asks...what'sthis?"

She answers pouting "Dinner...youdidn't come for lunch"

He asks, "But you had your lunch"

She starts serving dinner and answers,"I was waiting for you"

"You had your lunch or not"

She stuffs a spoon full of rice in hismouth and after swallowing the food he takes spoon from her hand and feeds hersaying, "if you are going to do this every time you are only going to makethings hard for know how I kaka and Baba you needn't waitfor me"

She answers pouting, "I'm not Kaka andBaba...I'll wait for you"

"And you'll starve yourself day in andday better move to your Baba's house back"

"That's not my Baba's house that' have your dinner...I'm going back"

He pulls her up from his seat and makesher to sit next to him...holding her close...pecking her pout he answers, "Youhave only one home...and that's Mathur Niwas"

"Whatever... I'm going back now...youhave your dinner"

"Nidhi...jaan...why don't can't starve yourself like that...please...your health isimproving...don't hurt yourself... seeingher unrelenting he gives up...Okay! fine I don't want to have my dinner"

"Don't have...I'm leaving" she extendsher hand to take the plate and he holds her hand...glaring at her andexclaiming, "Nidhi!"

She pouts, "Don't glare at me likethis...I'm not your junior...I'm your wife"

He holds his tongue in cheek andcontinues staring at her...She takes a spoonful again and offershim...waiting...holding spoon near his lips...he lowers his eyes holds her handand turns spoon towards her mouth...she turns her face...and he waits saying,"You'll have to have this...the lunch and dinner together"

After waiting for a while she turns herface pouting...looks at him...and leans forward to take the food but she takesa nibble and turns his hand towards Ashutosh could have said no tothat...he smiles and takes food left on spoon. They have food on the platefeeding each other and the last spoon was shared equally with Ashutosh takingthe first nibble and Nidhi the last.

She pecks his lips and he raises hiseyebrows asking, "you think all done...I need sweet dish now"

"Yes here is one...she offers him the bowl...firni"

"Who said I want know Idon't like sugary dish...smacking hislips and leaning forward... I like honey dipped..."

Nidhi places her hand on his lips andturns her eyes towards the bowl...he shakes his head and removes herhand...Nidhi turns her face away uttering, "You taste this first...please... looking at him...please"

He gives up and takes a spoonful andoffering her first but she declines saying, "you first" he nibbles a bit andsavours the taste, "Hmn...nice...the aroma of roses...really good...gulping down he turns to myfavourite"

She asks, "You really liked that"

He frowns and asks, "Yes this isdelicious...but why are you asking"

She smiles and displays her bangles,"Baba gifted me this in shagun...for this sweet dish"

He frowns again and asks, "You madethis?"

She smiles and nods her head, "My firstcooking in your house"

Understanding dawns on him...he closeshis eyes in dismay and mumbles, "And I missed that" and after a few minutes heturns and asks, "And what was that...what did you yourhouse?...repeat those words"

She smiles sheepishly and he sulks. Sheholds her ears and mumbles; "Sorry"... he looks at her and averts his eyes.Nidhi repeats, "Please!" he didn't relent and she takes deep breath saying,"Okay! I'm where do I go from my house or tooo.... he gives her a squint look...waiting forher to complete but she didn't...she mumbles... I can decide that on theway" and she tries to stand up but he pins her against the back ofcouch...looking at her... "You know you have no where else to go now...exceptto your home and raising his eyebrows...andwhere is that?" pecking at her lips... "Where is your home?...Dr. Nidhi"...hishands were caressing her curves and his lips were savouring her face...she wasfeeling mesmerised by his touch...after missing him past twenty fourhours...she wraps her arms around his waist...and clings to him caressing hischest and tightening her hold...she mumbles, "this is my home...this is where Ibelong to"

Ashutosh stunned hearing her wordssqueezes her in his arms. After a while Ashutosh caresses her head and mumbles,"I think you should leave's getting late now"

She snuggles to him and he mumblesagain, "You know how much I love to hold you like this...but sweetheart youhave to go back...and it's already 9.30...and this chauffer of yours can't cometo drop you home"

She mock punches, "Don't call myhusband chauffer" she comes out and he kisses her to his heart'scontent...sighing deeply he mutters, "hopefully from tomorrow life will comeback to normal...come I'll drop you off at entrance"

"No you stay here...I'll go on myown...take some rest till your next'll feel better"

"I'm already feeling better...pecking her lips...thank you forcoming...and leave this firni here I'm going to taste that later"

She winks and stands up...Ashustoshcalls the ward boy and orders, "Take this bag and ask driver to drop Dr. Nidhihome"

Ward boy takes the bag and leaves.Nidhi protests, "I can go on my own"

Ashutosh takes her in anembrace...squeezes her and answers, "I know but for me please...let the driverdrop you"

She raises her head to look at him andwinks in response. He pecks her forehead and holds her close to his heart, "Iwas missing you...this dinner will help me to go through this night...thankyou...have your medicine and text me when you reach home...she nods her head and he mumbles...and miss me will you"

Nidhi pecks his cheek and mumbles "NO"and he chuckles and responds looking deep in her eyes, "I'll see"...their eyeslocked Nidhi moves towards the door...mumbles bye and leaves. Ashutosh closeshis eyes...takes in a deep breath and plops in couch...he keep on cherishingthe moments he spent with her till he receives her sms, "Reached...GN"

"Happy is the moment of sighting theBeloved's face

Happy is the season that brings reliefto the agitated heart"

Nidhi woke up to the alarm on hermobile...snuggling down the comforter she hugged herself...the extra layer onher body make her to open her eyes...she smiled caressing the jacket she worein the wee hours to feel him around and to get some sleep after tossing and turningon the bed whole night...she remembered how the bed, the room in these wintrynights seemed more frosty...and how after snuggling to his jacket she found abit solace and fell into a deep sleep...hoping the morning brings in awonderful day and she gets to see her husband she moves to get ready.

After wearing his favourite coloursaree...all decked up she takes her phone to text him Good Morning' and findsa message from of contentment graces her face and she turns to haveher medicines...his care and concern even in his busy schedule...makes heremotional...she kisses her fingers and touches his picture...watching hispicture for sometime...she mumbles, "Love you".

Arman and his family leave after havingtheir breakfast...their flight was at 8 am and Baba accompanies them to seethem off at airport. The house turns quiet...Riya being the apple of everyone'seyes was missed so much that Baba on his return moved to JS...even walls rendered aloofness...her chirpiness all these days kept the house lively.

"Theseheart's wounds used to ache even otherwise but (with) lesser (intensity)

Thistime, the season of separation from the beloved is something else"


She walks in Beauty (story) - Page 5 | Kuch Toh Log Kehenge (6)




She walks in Beauty (story) - Page 5 | Kuch Toh Log Kehenge (7) She walks in Beauty (story) - Page 5 | Kuch Toh Log Kehenge (8)

Posted: 10 years ago



"He loves my heart for once it was his own,

I cherish his because in me it bides" (Philip Sidney)

Nidhisprints out from kitchen towards the door hearing the doorbell ring. Hereyes gleam and face crumples with a big grin the moment she opens the door. Herhusband staring her in an equally ensnared state...kept her rooted at the placeshe was standing...with their eyes locked.

ForAshutosh the sight was a dream of lifetime to come true...all his wearinessdisappears...he was totally mesmerised...his house was smelling like ahome...and he was feeling homecoming...redefining the meaning of the the moment was holding affinity to the instance he experiencedlong before, for the first time, when Baba gave him refuge in his shelter andthat shelter slowly grew into his abode.

Babasmiles sitting on couch reading a book and waiting for his son to arrive. Hecame back halfway to JS when he thought of Nidhi and how lonely she must befeeling in absence of his husband and Arman's family. He cleared his throat andasked, "Nidhi who's there?"

Theirtrance breaks and she lowers her eyes exchanging a shy smile with Ashutosh.Ashutosh walks in and Baba exclaims, "Oh! are you?"

Ashutoshseeks blessings of Baba touching his feet and Baba placing a loving hand on hishead, continues, "You must be very tired beta...I hope you can take some restnow"

"Yes BabaI'm here till lunch...have a lecture to deliver at 3... so need to go at thattime"

"Youshould have postponed that...anyways go take some rest...I'll also leave forJS...I came back thought Nidhi will feel lonely here...she too was missingRiya...Ashutosh pursed his lips...youcouldn't meet them"

"No Baba Imet them at Airport...I reached there the moment you had left"

"That'sgood...go and take some rest...I'll leave in a moment...see you at lunch"

Ashutoshnods his head and moves to his an expressive glance toNidhi...who lowers her eyes in understanding.

Shefiddled about with the magazines on the table...trying to find a chance to moveto their room...she was about to dash avoiding Baba's eyes...when Baba calledher, "Nidhi...give me the sweets beta...I'll leave" Dr. Mathur was visiting JSfor the first time after their wedding so had decided to take sweets for theinmates... to share the joy of his son's wedding.

Nidhiturns and answers, "Yes Baba...I'll get the boxes"

The momentshe takes boxes from fridge...H. Kaka grabs them asking, "Give that to make tea for Ashu"

Nidhi nodsher head...her joy knew no bounds...she quickly dashes to their room...but herbubble bursts when she didn't find him in room...he was in the restroom takingshower.

Shethought to return to kitchen and make tea for him...her face was glowing withjoy... Hiraman Kaka's old eyes couldn't miss her glow... he smiledaffectionately at her and helped her with his breakfast...pouring tea in themug Nidhi in all excitement takes tea and breakfast for him...the moment shewalks in her eyes catch her husband lying prone on the bed...her heartwrenches...looking weary he had his eyes closed ...placing his breakfast on theside table...she gently ruffled his hair...and he sensing her touch grabbed herhand and pulled her to himself...she alighted on him and he exclaimed, "Wow!This is so soothing"... she tries to move to his side but he stops her.Kissing her hand...he pleads, "Stay like that...this is so relaxing"

Her torsoon his back...she moves slightly to peck his cheek, "Very tired!"

Placinghis hand on her head and pressing her face to his, he mumbles, "hmn"

"I havegot tea for you...have some you'll feel should have taken a hotwater bath"

"I don'twant tea...stay like this...I want to feel you"

He pullsher and she slid down to his side...snagging her quickly...he kisses at hercheek and pulls her in an embrace...the embrace that filled the hollowness ofso many hours...both get the needed solace...he squeezed her in his arms andmumbled... "I missed you"

Nidhipulls herself out...and looks at her husband, "Have your breakfast now...getup"

Staring ather and speaking in a nagging voice, "Your husband returned home after two daysand you didn't ask him...what he wishes to have in breakfast"

Touchinghis cheek "You want to have anything special...tell me I'll make that for you"


She nodsher head determinedly and he looks at her lips...trailing her lips with histhumb he utters huskily, "you think there can be anything else in this wholeworld that your husband would like to long it has been since Itasted this wine"

His words,smouldering eyes and the ravenous voice makes her go in a spell and he inchesforward to savour her...slowly and softly...nipping and sucking her lips...hetasted her taking all the time...her toes curl but she allowed him to quenchhis thirst...quite willingly turning his poodle... and dousing her own...her unresponsivenessmakes him to break the kiss and look at her...the dazed yet gleamed eyes makehim to groan and twirl a bit and pin her under him... he looks at her...gnawing yet robust...and murmurs, "seems my wife really didn't miss me" ...shechuckles and he gives a soft bite at her chin... "So you are teasing yourhusband"...she smiles and mumbles "no...I'm allowing him to relish as much ashe can"...nuzzling and caressing her neck he asks, "really" and she forgets torespond...sensations flood her and she moans...and he goes on relentlesslytasting all the delights his heart yearned for...he pulls the end of her sareeand flings off...staring at the treasure that was unveiled for sometime...heleans forward to pay his homage...Nidhi's elongated moans made her sorelytempting...nuzzling her softness he slowly raises her a bit to get access tothe opening of her top...but she quickly grabs his arms and stops him...eyesdarkened with passion he gives her a questioning look...she slowly moves herhands up...cupping his head she tugs him softly and pecks at his lips saying,"I think you need rest".

He nibblesher lower lip and grumbles, "No!"

Sheresponds nipping his lip and mumbles yes'.

Ashutoshsmiles holding his tongue in cheek and asks, "So you want a tug-of-war".

Shechuckles and responds, "tug of love"...looking intensely in his eyes she rapsher tongue in between his lips... opening his mouth he takes a asoft nibble to his tongue...she looks at him in a look that said, how wasthat' he pursed his lips and returning a look I'll show you' he smirks andtakes her lips which she responds greedily and together theyexperienced and tasted the magic potion of their love.

Satiatedthey spring apart...he plops himself onto the bed, panting on her side he pullsher in his arms and asks, "So Dr. Nidhi! How was that?" she miles and snugglesto him biting softly at the crook of his neck and mumbles, "very bad"

Ashutoshchuckles and answers, "Okay let me try again"...she tries to move out, "Noo! Pleasehave some sleep now"...tightening his grab he answers in a pleading voice, "No!I don't want to sleep".

Nidhiraises her head and asks looking into his eyes, "why?" He answers with all thelove in his eyes, "You know"... pecking him at his eyes she responds, "No Idon't"... irritant he grumbles, "Nidhi!" She smiles!...again pecking at hiseyes she repeats, "Sleep"

His eyesclosed he warns her, "You'll have to pay for this".

Suppressingher chuckle she pecks his lips and shushes him, "Shush! Sleep like a good boy".He couldn't help his grin...looking fondly at her he pulls her nose andproffers, "I'm not going to sleep alone...toanswer her questioning look...he shrugs his shoulders...I can't actually"

Nidhi'squestioning glance turns doting...snuggling to him...she kisses his cheek and restsher head on his shoulder muttering, "I'm here". Digging her fingers in his hairshe ruffles his hair softly and asks "sleep now".

Basking inher warmth Ashutosh felt lulled to sleep... like a kid cuddled in the warmth ofmother's lap...which he had never known and never experienced...his eyes turnmoist...but he gulps his tears...he didn't wish to sadden the most affectionateand loving person he was ultimately blessed to have in his life...he finally wasgrasping the meaning of love and experiencing the love in all its endearingforms...the all encompassing love that has cocooned him in. Shelving hispast...he closes his eyes and within moments he was embraced by deep and soundsleep.

Nidhi whowas draped all over him...sensing him in deep sleep...very gently moves out ofhis arms...affectionately and gently ruffling his hair...she pulls up coversand moves out of bed. She drew curtains and took his phone along to allow himto have undisturbed and needed rest.

Descendingdown the stairs she straightens her saree and her hair, and moves to kitchen.Hiraman Kaka who was preparing for lunch asks, "Ashutosh didn't have hisbreakfast".

"No Kaka!He is sleeping...he needs sleep more than food"

"Strange!No matter how tired he's he never slept during day time...he must be awake"

Nidhismiles recalling how she made him to sleep and answers, "No Kaka! He was veryweary...he fell into a deep sleep"

"Good!That's good beta...he really was looking very tired"

Nidhi asks"Kaka...I want to cook his favourite food"

Kakasmiles, "yes tell me...I'll cook that for him"

"NoKaka...I want to cook myself"

Kaka grinsand asks, "You need my help"

She shakesher head smilingly and answers, "I'll manage" H.Kaka looks sceptical and Nidhisensing his concern utters, "Don't worry Kaka...I won't starve your Dr. Sahiband your son"

Kaka altering the expression on his face andhiding his concern manages to smile back and moves out saying, "do let me knowif you need any help" Nidhi smiles and answers, "Sure Kaka"

Nidhicooks Ashutosh's favourite dishes, attends all his phone calls and afterwatching TV for sometime...and when clock strikes 1...she decides to wake himup.

Seeing himsleeping so soundly... she sighed... not having heart to wake him up...she saton bed with her legs tucked under her and watched him sleeping forsometime...then reluctantly she leans forward and pecks his eyes...he stirs andturns to his side...extending his hand to feel her...but she cringes and sensinghis empty arms he opens his eyes and finds her smiling and staring at him...heblinks his eyes and pulls her in his arms asking, "what're you doing there?"

"Wakingyou get up...and have lunch"...shecomes out and waits for him but he pulls her again "No come...let us sleep"

Shechuckles "you're not ready to forgot".

"hmn..Islept the most sound sleep of my life...come let us sleep together"

Nidhichuckles again, "Okay! As my husband wishes...but let me call your secretaryand cancel all your appointments first"

He givesher a sidelong glance...gets up and snuggles to her resting his head in herlap...she looks fondly at him...gently ruffling his hair she pecks hisforehead, "Please get up now...go hospital on time and come home early tonight"

His eyeswide open...her words sparked a gleam in his eyes pulling her head near his...hewhispers near her ear, "tonight...hmn...that's the only hope now"

Nidhi'seyes pop out...he smirks... takes the duvet and flings on her.

Shegiggles and he moves to restroom...extricating herself out...she makes the bedand moves to kitchen to lay the table for lunch...after sometime she hears himcall and she had to ascend back to the room.

He was intowel waiting for her...looking at him she lowers her eyes and asks, "What?"

Ashutoshgrumbles, "Where are you? You forgot your duties Nidhi?"

Nidhiwalks up to him and asks, "What duties?" He back hugs her and nuzzling her neckhe makes her walk upto the closet, "Get my have to help yourhusband dress forgot"

"As ifI've no other job to do"

He raiseshis eyebrows, lifts her up to make her sit in the shelf saying, "Yes you haveno other job to do" but finding no space in the cupboard he frowns and groundsher back, "What is this? Why is this so loaded?"

Shechuckles and offers him the shirt and answers raising her eyebrows, "This partis stuffed with all your clothes...I needed more space"

He quicklywears his shirt and moves to check other parts of the cupboard all packed withNidhi's belongings...he looks at her amazed and tries to suppress hischuckle...after clearing his throat he asks, "You shopped all thesethings...this is the shopping you did"

She nodsher head, "Yes". Gulping down the revelation...he raises his one eyebrow...hetakes another look of the cupboard and coming back to his part...he clenches afistful of hangers and throws on the couch.

Nidhiexclaims, "What are you doing?"

Pointingto the parts of closet packed with her clothes...he replies "There is enoughspace...there... you stuff them there... I need space for my wife here"

Pickingher up in his arms...he settles her in the cupboard...pecks her lips...andquite close to her lips he mumbles, "No yours and No mine...only ours...just intwo days you singled me out"

Nidhi'seyes widened, "Noo! I thought the clothes will remain arranged better this way"

Raisingand throwing his arms to his sides...he signals "your" and "mine" hera resigned look...he sulks and continues dressing himself.

Seeing himbrooding...she mumbles "I'm sorry"

Ashutoshdidn't relent...but after a while...leaving his shirt buttons undone...hisnecktie hanging on his her a sidelong look...he waits forher.

Nidhismiles...coiling her arms around his neck she climbs down... buttons up hisshirt...looking into his eyes she makes knot of his tie...he couldn't avert hiseyes and she finds hard to suppress her chuckle...glaring at her for sometimehe takes her lips and gives her a searing kiss...releasing her he mutters,"didn't know Doc... you love to tease your husband so much"

She restsher head on his chest and he winds his arms around her...pecking at her head...hecuddles her in his arms and utters, "I missed you so much...and missed so manythings...I wasn't here when you're settling yourself here...I'm sorry Nidhi"

She comesout and looks at him and he continues, "At least I should have seen youthrowing me out" she mock punches him and he chuckles... rocking her in hisarms he mumbles, "Love you so much"

Poutingshe moves out and collects his suits...she couldn't pick all the hangers as hepicked them in one hand and he chuckles...walking up to her he helps her andstores his clothes in her part of cupboard. Caging her there he nuzzles herneck and asks, "We are going out...if you want to change you can...and mumbling near her ear huskily he adds...Ican help you"

She turnsto look at him still in her pout, "No I don't need your help and where are wegoing?"

Shrugginghis shoulders, "I needn't explain...I can take you anywhere I wish" raising hiseyebrow in his typical style and looking questioningly at her...waiting for herresponse.

She stompsher feet and pouts...and turns to move out...he chuckles and catches herarm...pulling her back he rests his arms on her shoulders and stares her...shedidn't raise her eyes...he nuzzles her nose and utters, "This's not fair Dr.Nidhi...I think I should be pouting here...for the way I was singled out...turning his voice husky he whispers...butI don't mind your know how much I like that"

Verygently taking her pout in his lips he smothers her pout...after releasing herlips he looks at her and sees her eyes emanating love...pecking herforehead...he takes her in embrace and she responds holding him tightly.

"You came to me and changed my existence
Your caress became a need, a smile, a desire

The music of your voice cried to my soul

Sing me a love song and carry it throughout
the pathways of my life"

Baba took a spoonful of curry andtasted a bit...savouring the taste he muttered hmn...and in a raised voice Hiraman today you have marvelled in preparingthis dish"

Hiraman takes a breath of reliefand his face displays a contented smile.

Baba turns to Ashutosh and Nidhiwho were coming in to join him, "Come Ashu today Hiraman has made your favouritedish but the dish tastes never before"

Nidhi notices a relieved look onKaka's face she turns happy and waits for Ashutosh's reaction. The moment he takesa nibble...he too relishes the taste and Hiraman kaka divulges that the dish hasbeen prepared by Nidhi. Baba looks stunned and exclaims, "I'm so lucky to have adaughter in law...who cooks so lip-smacking...Hiraman you can't revel in yourcooking now"

Hiraman smiles and Nidhiresponds, "Baba you know Kaka was very tense...he thought I'll starve you all...hewasn't ready to move out of kitchen"

Nidhi noticed Ashutosh's glanceon her...he was looking fondly at her while she responded to Baba. Baba smiledhearing Nidhi's words and turned to H.K, " Hiraman you doubted my daughter'scapabilities"

Hiraman Kaka was embarrassed, "NoI thought she may not be having much practice with cooking"

Nidhi smiles and answers, "Youare right kaka...I didn't have but my stay in US gave me the expertise" Babanotices Ashutosh watching her with gleam in his eyes. He intrupts him, "Ashuyou are tasting lunch cooked by your wife for the first should gifther something"

Ashutosh grins, "You have givenher a gift already"

Baba exclaims, "What do you mean?That was a gift from father to his daughter-in-law should also gift are lucky enough... all your life you are going to taste suchtasty food"

Ashutosh smiles and giving asquint look to Nidhi he responds, "Whatever she wants Baba...she can have that?"

Nidhi didn't miss the glow on hisface every time Baba called her as his daughter-in-law. Feeling contented thatshe has been able to give that sense of belonging to him she butts in, "Babathat reminds me Arman ji gave me an envelope...he didn't allow me to check that"

Ashutosh smiles, "That containstickets for our honeymoon"

"You know that"

"Yes he asked me in ourreception... whether I can expend sometime going abroad...I knew why he wasasking...I said no and I'm sure he must have arranged tickets somewhere inIndia"

Nidhi answers excitedly, "I canguess that place"

Baba asks: What is that?

Nidhi answers: Kashmir

Baba exclaims, "the heaven onearth...that is a great place to visit beta"

Nidhi and Ashutosh exchangeknowing glances and seeing his smouldering gaze she lowers her eyes and Babasuppresses his smile.

After having lunch Nidhi helpsKaka to clear the table and Ashutosh finds chance to ask Baba, "Baba I'll takeNidhi along...I'll drop her at Papa's place and on my way back...I'll also pay avisit."

Baba agrees, "Of course beta...takeher...she'll feel bored here...and now that your tickets are are going should meet them before leaving" Hestands up to move to his room saying, "Okay I'll take a nap"

Ashutosh smiles and nods inresponse.

The moment Ashutosh turns his cartowards Col. Verma's house Nidhi's eyes glittered...she turns to look athim...and he winks at her...she smiles and he gives a fond stare. He drops herat the entrance and she waits for him to turn his car and wave him bye.

Dadi Bua was elated to see Nidhithe moment she answered door bell. She almost yelled taking her in a hug,"Nidhi! You here...come...come beta...where is doctor?"

Nidhi smiles, "Take abreath...dadi bua"

She asks again, "Where isdoctor?"

"Dadi bua you know how busy heis...he dropped me here...he had to go hospital"

"And when did he come? I heardpast two days he was in can he? can he leave his newly wedwife alone"

Nidhi gulps, "Dadi Bua...who toldyou...I wasn't alone...he came home every day and you know your son-in-law is adoctor...he saved many lives past few should be proud of him"

Dadi bua's anger smoothers, "ThatI'm...I feel very proud of him but I can't see you lonely beta"

"No dadi Bua..I'm not...he cares forme a lot"

Dadi bua's eyes gleam inpride...she touches her head gently and utters, "God bless you both" and Nidhitakes a breath of relief.

Nidhi talks to Rohan and Anji onphone. She also calls Arman and Sneha and thanks them for the wonderful weddinggift. Soon Col. verma and Solanki's arrive hearing about Nidhi's arrival. DadiBua coming to know about Nidhi's honeymoon trip bundles all the woollens forher. After spending sometime chatting and hearing Dadi Bua's do's and dont's for sits together to have tea.The tea was being served when Ashutosh knocks at the door. Col. verma gets upto welcome his son-in-law. Ashutosh enters quite relieved finally Dadi Bua'srituals were over. Nidhi holds her tongue in her cheek seeing first hisdiscomfiture and later the relieved look. But the look of contentment didn'tlast long...he was subjected to all her attention...showering all the love byoffering and insisting him to have everything that's on table...Ashutosh givesa frustrated look to Nidhi and she holds her tongue in her cheek. He mockglares her and she suppresses her chuckle...but coming to his rescue she stopsDadi Bua saying they have had a very heavy lunch and he gives her glance ofgratitude.

After having tea...they get upto move and taking everyone's blessings they bid them good bye.

Back home Nidhi packs her andAshutosh's bags...receiving help from Ashutosh...the help that hindered and prolongedher every job...Ashutosh enjoyed and loved to tease and tickle her Barbie doll.

After having dinner she moves toher room...this was her second night with her husband and after living twolonely nights in string she was feeling relieved to have him around...myriad ofemotions flood her...she opens the door of her room...her husband was talking tosomeone on phone...the moment she enters their eyes meet...not able to standhis passion filled gaze she lowers her eyes and moves to dressing room...themoment she comes out wearing a cream colour satin night gown...looking ethereal...heforgets what he was doing...his Em...yes I'm here...I'm sorry" makes Nidhi tobite her lower lip. She switches off the lights of the room...leaving nightlamps glowing she settles in the bed and that was enough for Ashutosh to cutoff his call.

My joy has been fed by your laughter
While my sensibilities took a side-road to oblivion
Your beauty has shone through the heavens

Piercing my nights with love laden cries of delight.


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She walks in Beauty (story) - Page 5 | Kuch Toh Log Kehenge (9)




She walks in Beauty (story) - Page 5 | Kuch Toh Log Kehenge (10) She walks in Beauty (story) - Page 5 | Kuch Toh Log Kehenge (11)

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Chapter 41

"Albeit the beauty of the moon, when(it is) full, is fine

Better than that is my moon with asun's beauty"

Hiseye glued on her...he ambulates around to the other side of bed. The moment hereaches near, she lowers her eyes...he places his phone on the side table and glideson the bed...watching her for a moment he lies down placing his head in herlap...he takes her hand in his and pecks at her hand. Slight blush tingedNidhi's cheek...the reminiscences of the night of their union...her husbandsdevouring eyes and anticipation of the moments upcoming...make her heart beatslightly faster. She slowly ruffles his hair...looking fondly at him.

Ashutoshbites at her hand saying, "not this time" she chuckles. He turns and snugglesto her...burrowing his face in her lap and looping his arms around her henuzzles her navel and mumbles, "How come satin is holding this satin?"

Nidhitries to pull him out but he nestles against her navel and trails his wayup...nuzzling the bare skin of her neck he tries to fend off the embroideredfacings of her gown and mutters, "Nothing can cleave to this satiny soft skinexcept"

Trailingher lips with his thumb...he looks at her dazed form and she manages to ask, "Except?"not knowing he had already unfastened her gown he softly slides the gown offher shoulders and his eyes pop out...he forgets to blink seeing Nidhi in asemi-translucent negligee with lacy straps...he raises his hand to fling offher gown but she grabs his arms...he glares at her and whispers in a breathyvoice, "Except your hubby Dr. Nidhi".


Insame husky voice grazing her neck with his knuckle, "Really you want me tostop?"

Shelowers her eyes and smiles shyly...Ashutosh chuckles and leans forward to takeher lips...he was about to brush his lips to her when his phone rings...hisbreath gets caught he freezes for a moment... Nidhi too got down but shegiving an anxious look to him moves to check his phone...her face glows and sheanswers, "Hello Arman Bhaya!"

Ashutoshheaves a sigh of relief and before she could answer Arman's, "How are you?" he snatchesphone from her hands and butts in,

"Sheis got no time in the whole twenty four hours to call here"

Armanchuckles placing his hand on the phone, "when did I call her...I called you...thisis your phone...and at what time I should have called you...I always call youat this time."

Ashutoshanswers frustrated, "Arman!"

Armanchuckles, "Meri jaan...I know you have come home after two days...I thought youmay be missing I called you"

Ashutoshgives a frustrated look to Nidhi...she was smiling he pulls her in his arms andplaces the phone on her ear...she chuckles and answers Arman's call...Armanwas laughing and Sneha was scolding him...when he hears Nidhi's Hello...heasks, "How are you my cutie pie?"

"I'mfine bhaya" Ashutosh placing her hand on his phone makes her to hold his phoneand cuddles her in his arms. Resting his head on her shoulder...caressing her neck...hewaits for her to end the call.

Nidhi:"How's Riya Bhaya? She was very cranky...when I talked to her in afternoon"

"She'sfine...missing her bed right now...okay you hang up before yourhusband throws tantrums like my wife"

Nidhichuckles, "No Bhaya...he won't...he is fine...kissing Ashutosh's cheek...who was disturbing her continuously with hisnuzzles...he was just joking" Ashutosh sulks.

"Jokeand heartstone...hmn...I know Nidhi...I know him more than you...he must begnashing his teeth this time...Nidhigiggles...okay bye"

"Byebhaya...give my love to Riya...I'll call her tomorrow" Ashutosh was waiting forher to hang up the phone...the moment she hangs up...he snatches the phonefrom her hand and throws on other end of the bed and twirls himself making herto lie on the bed...pinning her down...the phone buzzes again and Ashutoshvehemently cries, "Oh! God have mercy on me" his face crestfallen he looks atnidhi...she winks at him and cupping his face she asks, "Answer your phone"

"Ihope this in not Arman...otherwise I'm going to kill him" She chuckles and hegets up to search for his phone...his eyes catch the phone and he mumbles,"Malika". Nidhi frowns hearing "Malika" but waits and hears Ashutosh to answerhis call.


"I'msorry Ashutosh to disturb you at this moment"

"Sincewhen have you turned so formal with me" Malika didn't she couldhave explained how turbulent she was before calling him...she was hesitating tocall the friend he would call any time in the day and night...the right shefelt she has on him...was no much torturous the thought was that thefriend, the love of her life she would call anytime may be with his wife andmay not like her call this time.

Ashutosh's"Malika" break her resonance and she wipes her moist cheeks...gulping the clogin her throat...she answers, "Ashutosh we need your opinion on a case...Ioperated a patient in afternoon...but his prognosis are not good...can you...Imean if you could come and check him"

Ashutoshruns a desperate hand through his a look to nidhi who was waitingfor him to end his call...he answers, "Yes...sure...Is he the same patient whosewife is also injured...she is pregnant but her prognosis wasn't good either"

"YesAshutosh...she gave birth to a baby boy in afternoon and breathed her last"

"Oh!Okay I'm coming"

Nidhi'sface falls hearing his words but she quickly alters her expression and smilesat Ashutosh but Ashutosh's eyes couldn't miss the passing gloom on her face. Hehangs up the phone and moves to dressing room...he couldn't meet Nidhi's eyes.It takes few minutes for Nidhi to brace herself up and follow him. She findshim wearing his shirt...she inches forward and help him buttoning up his shirt.Ashutosh closes his eyes...he was finding hard to meet her eyes...when she doesthe last button of his shirt he opens his eyes...pecks her forehead andmumbles, "I'm sorry Jaan"

Shechuckles, "Why sorry? Your jaan his here...waiting for you...go and savesomeone's jaan"

Herwords lighten the heaviness inside his heart...he looks fondly at her andembraces her, "Take care of my life"

Shesmiles and "You'll take care of carefully"

Hewinks and turns to move...she follows him...descending the stairs he feels herfollowing him...without turning to look at her...he rebukes her, " can't come out this moment"

Shedoesn't stop...he turns at the entrance and stops her... "Close the door...anddon't come out now"

Herface falls but he didn't allow her...he waits for her, "Lock the doorNidhi...I'm getting late"

Shepouts and raises her hands to close the door...he quickly pecks at her poutsaying, "Go to bed...goodnight" and sprints out. Nidhi's eyes turn moist shegulps her tears and moves to her room and plops in the couch.

Nidhieyes open when she feels herself picked up by strong pair of arms, She smilesat him and snuggles to the warmth...Ashutosh's heart wrenched the moment heentered and saw her struggling with cold in her sleep...he rebukes, "what areyou doing here?" her eyes blurry...she pecks at his cheek and he lays her downon the bed, "you are back"... "Hmn"

Hemoves to freshen up and she asks, "How's the patient"

"Hehas gone into coma"

Nidhifeels bad and more importantly she knows how he must be feeling...she didn'tmiss the helplessness on his face when malika told him that her wife hasdelivered a baby boy and passed away...he feels more pain for the boy who haslost his one parent and another is on the verge of death. She checks the timeit was 4 in the morning. Her heart wrenches he was now getting the feel how herhusband has given his life to his profession but she smiles when he emergesfrom dressing room changed into his night dress.

"Idisturbed your're feeling chilly"

Sheshakes her head and waits for him till he lies down next to her, "Feel coldsometimes due to hypothyroidism"

Helooks at her and opens his arms to her and she leaps to him...pecking at his heartwhere she places her head on his chest and closes her eyes...he turns and holdsher in embrace...clutching her tightly her head resting on his arm and burrowedin his chest...his chin on her head...he softly straightens her locks andmumbles,

"Thisis my routine love...if you are going to hurt yourself unnecessarily...waitingfor me...starving yourself...waking up whole night...this is going to makethings difficult for me" her lashes touch his neck and he feels her opening hereyes...she pulls herself a bit and turns her head up to look at him...Ashutoshpecks at his forehead and continues, "I was on my way to hospital pondering howI've worked all these years...I never thought about my fact lovedto stay at hospital...for days...kaka would even bring my clothes tohospital...and I never felt I wasn't sparing a moment for myself...stroking her cheek...but now I realisewhat I was doing...I never felt the urge to go back to home...except after fewdays for Baba...but I promise I'll check my timings now"

Nidhismiles, "Why are you worrying that much? You won't be staying at hospital likethis always...this is all because of emergency?"

Pushingher head snugly to his chest and closing his arms, "I know my love these daysyou couldn't see your husband because of train collision but the fact remainsI've been working endlessly...earlier I would snatch a few hours to be withyou...but now I want to live my life"

Nidhichuckles and asks, "Who's stopping you?"

Hegets irritated, "Laugh as much as you can" he takes a deep sigh and repeats "tolive life after much has gone"

Shestifled her anger and he could feel that...holding her more snugly he asks,"Why you came so late in my life?"

"Sleepif you have to...I don't want to talk to you"

Ashutoshchuckles, "Okay I'm sorry! Much is not gone...I've come to this world onlyyesterday and have a lot to live yet"

Shebites his arm and he chuckles again...kissing her head...he pulls up the coversfeeling her presence, feeling how her breath on his chest turned the ambientmusic and changed his mood...he snuggles to her mumbling, "Thank you for cominginto my life...for loving me my love...thank to be in your arms"

Sunrayspeep in through the window disturbing Ashutosh's sleep...they're sleeping insame state as they tucked themselves in the duvet three hours before...he openshis eyes...the feel of Nidhi's breath on his chest...swelled his chest withjoy...he slowly pulls out his arm and makes her head to rest on pillow...but sheopens her eyes and burrowing her head in pillow she drowsily greets him, "GoodMorning"...Ashutosh leans forward and uttering, "Good Morning! Pecksher cheek... I woke you up...sorry"

"Whyare you up so early?"

Ashutoshchuckles, "up so early... it's already 7...and if you have forgotten...let meremind you...we are going on honeymoon and our flight is in three hours"

Nidhisnuggles to him, "How can I forget? But there is still lot of time...let ussleep some more"

"Yousurely can sleep...but I need to go'll take me an hourthere...I'll be back by 9 and we'll leave by ten...our flight is at 10.50"

Nidhigets up and he stops her, "Jaan please sleep some haven't sleptproperly...I'll call you and wake you can sleep till 8"

"No!You take shower...I'll get breakfast for you"

Hepulls her back in his arms and asks, "Without my morning treat" she smiles andhe cups her head with a slight tug he brushes his lips to her and tastes to hishearts content...only he knows how much he yearned to love her but seems likedestiny has conspired against him and one or the other thing has been hinderingtheir tryst...releasing her lips she hides herself in crook of his neck,Ashutosh softly caressing her head asks"You can sleep if you want...I'm sorry to say... you won't be offeredthis amenity for a long ready for that"

Withslight blush tingeing her cheeks...she mock punches him and asks him to getup...he squeezes her in arms and moves to restroom...before pecking her cheekand ordering her, "I want my wife right here...when I come out"

Nidhiwas ready waiting for Ashutosh to arrive from hospital. She got surprised whenshe saw her whole family including solanki's and Anji at her door when she washaving her breakfast. Anji's concern was visible on her face and in her words whenshe asked, "Jiju wasn't here tonight as well"

Nidhihugs her friend giving her the assurance and answering, "Come on he doesn'twork always at night"

Anjismiles, "Thanks to Arman least you can get some time together"

AfterAshutosh arrives they leave for the Airport bidding good bye to all. He doesn'tallow anyone to accompany them. Driver drops them at Airport. After checking inand waiting for flight to take off he calls Baba one final time reiteratingthat he will call him if he needs him any moment. Col. verma who was stillthere takes his phone and asks him to rest assured he would be taking care ofeverything. Nidhi was hearing him talking to his father and how her fathersassuring words brought a relief to him. He answers, "Thank you papa" and Nidhicloses her eyes in contentment...feeling the joy seeing a bond sproutingbetween the two most important men in her life.

Ashutoshsmiles seeing a contented grin on her face...stealing a chance he pecks hercheek and she opens her eyes startled, "What are you doing?" she looksaround... "You are turning shameless"

"Shameless!You are naming the one who couldn't get a moment with her wife in his four dayswedded life"

"Whosefault is that?"

"Theprofession I'm in"

"Don'tsay should be proud of your noble profession"

"Fourdays before I was... but didn't know that this will turn to be my greatestrival"

Shesmiles "I know"

Landingat the Srinagar Airport...Nidhi who was wearing her black churidar with alight, white colour sweater... wears a jacket...the cab from hotel was waitingfor them. The hotel was one of the oldest hotels in Kashmir perched around ahillock near Dal lake, 18 kms from Airport...just 45 minutes ride.

Ontheir way Nidhi exclaims, "the city has changed so much"

Ashutoshfeeling amazed asks, "You have been here"

Shenods her head "Many times...and during kargil war...Baba sent us tickets tovisit Kashmir...that was his way to keep me away from worrying about him...hewas in kargil at that time"

Hestares at her fondly and in response she asks "what?"

Heshakes her head and answers, "Papa brought you up very dearly and preciously"Nidhi smiles in response and he adds after a pause... smiling, "for me! That'swhy I say you are precious to me" he pulls her in his arms mumbling, "mytreasure" she chides him muttering, "what are you doing?" gesturing him towardsthe driver. He releases her and she locks her arm in his...he returns a winkand a smile of gratitude.

Whenthey reach city's centre she enlightens him, "This is lal chowk"

Ashutoshexclaims, "Very busy city" he asks driver, "lot of traffic here"

Driveranswers, "Yes sir the Srinagar city is full of times it is hell tocross the get stuck for hours" when the car moves towards theDalgate (where the famous Dal lake begins) Nidhi exclaims, "In autumn this roadlooks awesome...when chinar trees shed their leaves the whole valley looks likea bride...the golden hue adds a different shade to its beauty".

Bythat time the reach the Dalgate and cab turns towards boulevard...theenchanting mesmerising Dal lake captures their attention...Ashutosh exclaims,"Wow this is so beautiful" enjoying their drive watching the serene beautyaround Dal lake...the sparkling quiet waters of Dal surroundedby snow-capped mountains on its three sides...Ashutosh adds, "undoubtedly thisis one of the most beautiful lakes"

Nidhiasks the driver to stop the cab...she gets off and Ashutosh followsher...watching the exotic view of the splendid scenery on its shores...Nidhigrabs Ashutosh's arm and entwines their hands...resting her head against hisarm she speaks, "these houseboats and shikaras"

Ashutoshgestures towards the small boat and in a questioning look asks, "Shikaras"

Nidhinods her head, "yes this is called Shikara...they form an indelible part of theDal"

"Hmn...thefloating shikaras they are like small ornate versions of the gondolas ofvenice"

Nidhismiles, "Yes...taking a ride in these shikaras is so romantic...once nervessoothe when these shikaras float over the slightly rippling waters"

Ashutoshraises his eyebrow, "How do you know...ferrying around the Dal in thesehouseboats is so romantic"

Nidhiin a smirk answers, "I know"

Ashutoshholds his tongue in cheek and gives her a sidelong look. Her hands turned icecold she slips her both hands in his armpit...her chattering teeth makeAshutosh grumble, "Get into the car Nidhi...its so cold here...let us firstchange into warm clothes"

Nidhisays excitedly, "yes but after lunch... I want to visit the temple there...motioning towards the hillocks overlookingthe lake...there are two temples Shankaracharya and Hari Parbhattemples...and that green structure there is a shrine"

"Okaywe'll go there...let us check in first" Nidhi nods and they get into their cab.Within moments the cab enters "The Grand Palace" earlier known as Gulab Bhavanbuilt in 1910 for royal family. The Palace surrounded by hills, vast gardenarea, Dal Lake, and Palace of Fairies presents a majestic view. Nidhi wasmesmerised to see snow clad mountains and the huge palace and the chinar trees.The lawns still have the chinar tree where Gandhi ji once had a conversationwith the then king of Kashmir. The modifications and changes that have beenbrought in are in consonance with the same architectural style as the existingpalace.

Nidhiasks when Ashutosh was talking to the Receptionist, "Can we change our presidentialsuite with their palace cottage"

Ashutoshasks, "Palace cottage?"

"Yes...theyhave palace cottages near the chinars"

Ashutoshdenies "No! He nods to receptionist andmoves towards their suite... I have all the time lived alone in thesesuits...let me erase those memories"

Nidhismiles and winks at him. She remembers how he felt alone in the suite duringconference in Mumbai. The bellboy opens the door of their suite and informsthem, this is one of the Maharani suites of our palace"

Nidhihave a look around...the suite was a mark oflavishness, the way a queen must have, epitomizing luxury. The Suite had amaster bedroom accompanied by a living room with dining and sofa. The interiorsof the room were tastefully done right from the linen to interiors to the furniture;each element of room exuded the aura of the royal era. Ashutosh paying the tipto the bellboy looks for Nidhi. He catches her moving towards the window tohave external view in the bedroom. Nidhi excitedly yelled, "Wow the lake view"

He back hugs her... she turns her headand he kisses at her cheek. Tightening his hold "hmn...Love you" he makes herto release the curtain she was holding and turns her to face him...pecking hercheeks...he utters, "Dal is can look anytime...have a look at yourhusband...who's yearning for the one"

She chuckles "One look! I'm here withyou"

Picking her in his arms and laying onthe bed, "Only I know...what I've gone through all these days"

Nidhi raises her eyebrows... her armshanging around his neck, "You think only you were despondent"

"Oh! Really! raising his one eyebrow...then show me"

"Why do I need to show that tosomeone?"

Almost crushing her under him, "Nosomeone...dr. a breathy voicenear her ear biting her earlobe...your me I haven't heard youcalling me for a long now...what's your husband's name"

"I don't remember"

"You don't remember" in a smirk... "Okay! I'll make you toremember" he tickles her with his mouth and nose and she giggles...pleadingafter sometime, "Stop it"...he relentlessly goes on and keeps asking, "What'syour husband's name?" giggling unable to stand his sweet torture she finallyblurts out, "Stop it...Stop it Ashutosh!"... He asks, "What? I can'thear...what did you say?...Repeat that"...giggling and puffing she repeats,"Ashutosh!...Ashutosh...please!"

Smirking he pecks her lips and mumbles,"Hope you won't forget that again!" She feigns hurt though he was quiteprotectively holding her under him...he quickly glides to her side and asks,"Sorry! Did I crush you?"

She quickly slips away and giggles,"No! Get up and get ready...I'm feeling hungry"

He shakes his head and sulks giving heran intense sidelong glare...not able to stand his sulk...she retreated andextended her hand to pull him up...he continued his intense stare...she asks,"Please! We have to pay our obeisance at temple and shrine...we'll getlate"...his unblinking stare continues and she narrows her eyes...he relentsand grabbing her hand pulls her back in the bed...pecking her cheeks...he asks,"why do we need to go there...let us pay our homage first to this bed"

Nidhi's eyes pop out...she mock puncheshim... "Get up...I'm feeling hungry"

"Ah! me too...very hungry" eyes displayingthe desire. She lowers her eyes shyly and he mutters, "Ah! this kills me"

She sulks and utters, "Okay! Sit hereI'm going" she turns to move but he grabs her hand, "Please! take your husbandalong"

Nidhi giggles looking fondly at him,"Is this Dr. Heartstone?"

Their eyes locked he takes a deepbreath and shaking his head he responds, "No...Dr. Nidhi's Ashutosh!" shesmiles and their eyes locked she pulls him up to get ready.

The moment Ashutosh emerges fromrestroom Nidhi offers him, "Kehwa" he takes the cup and asks, "What is this?"

"This is called Kehwa...having lots ofalmonds and saffron in it...and in hertypical style...I just love it"

He takes a sip...taking in its aroma..." tastes good"

"I've ordered veg. soup in lunch...letus have quickly and move...not much time left"

He answers, "Only if you can come andhelp me"

Staring him for a moment she asks, "Whoused to help you before me?"

"You think I existed before you"

Her eyes giving an affectionate look tohim...She helped him wear his sweater...Ashutosh continues... looking outside through large window panesthat were presenting the entrancing view of Dal Lake surrounded by snowshrouded mountains, "I never enjoyed being in such places...a strange kindof loneliness loomed my if the menace of years used to hover me...feeling Nidhi's concerned glance hesmiles...but today it feels so different...the world seems changed...cupping her cheek...only because of you"

Nidhi smiles back at him and answers,"That's so right...when your life is enveloped by love...everything around feel redefining every joy around you...I've been here but todaythe place is presenting a new meaning...a new feeling...No wonder this iscalled the place of many priests, sages and saints have found solacein this place...and made this place their abode and quenched their thirst forsearch of truth...for eternal and ever lasting joy and the divine feelingcalled love"

Ashutosh back hugs her, " wonderthis is called the city of Sufis and saints" he turns her head and pecks at hercheek.

Staying like that watching themesmerising view of lake...she asks, "let us move now". Reluctantly he releasesher...his eyes presenting a passionate gleam...Nidhi offers him a jacket...hegives questioning look to her, "I bought this in London for Baba...but the sizeturned big for was lying in my cupboard...I thought you can wear ithere...this is so warm"

He loves the jacket... "perfect fit".

"I guess I bought this for you...before you came in my life...precognition I guess"

Asuhtosh grins hearing her words andtaps her head, "Come let us have your favourite soup...I guess in one night youdecided your husband needs to lose his weight"

Her eyes wide open...she takes the bowlfrom his hand, "I'll order something else for need not have this"

"Why? You changed your mind...allowingme taste my favourite food?"

She looks crossly at him, "No you arehaving this soup"

Ashutosh grins...and states, "You are asweetheart love".

The cab takes them first toShrankacharya temple named after a great philosopher who visited valley someten centuries ago...a beautiful Shiva temple situated on a picturesque locationon the Gopadari Hill on the South East of Srinagar. The summit of the hill iscrowned with a picturesque edifice...situated at a height of 1100 feet. TheTemple built on a high octagonal plinth is approached by a flight of steps.Ashutosh and Nidhi climb the steps holding each others hand...capturing theviews of Dal lake...They take each others picture's...capturing Snow cladmountains in the background...Nidhi stops a passer-by makes him to take theirpictures together. Ashutosh shakes his head at her excitement. After payingobeisance in the temple they move towards the shrine.

Ashutosh asks, "Nidhi are we going tosee this shrine"

"No! This is another hill ...You haveto go there from other end...we are visiting Hazratbal shrine...situated on the western shore of the Dal'lllove to be there"

Ashutoshcertainly loved to be there...he accompanied Nidhi to the entrance meant forladies and entered himself through men's side...after offering their prayers...theysit sometime in lawns and enjoyed the picturesque look of lake...shrinespristine white marble elegance reflecting in the waters of the lake wascaptivating...but the cold breeze made them frosty...Nidhi's hands lostsense...she rubbed her hands to get some warmth...Ashutosh smiles...Nidhiresponds seeing his smile, "You love to sit in its summer the breezearound shrine sanctifies equally but doesn't make you frosty"

He chuckles,"Get up...let us move from here...otherwise you'll get's so coldhere" he checks his mobile and exclaims, "Nidhi the temperature is -5"

She chuckles,"Yes I know...that's why we are about to freeze"

Feeling warmin the cab...she insists for taking a shikara ride near the hotel till CharChinar'...a small cute island in dal's called Char chinar because ithas four chinar trees at the four corners...just for the cold wind wafting fromlake made them to come back...otherwise they loved to enjoy the Dal's beautybeing glued to each other...Ashutosh enjoyed to and fro shikara ride as Nidhiremained almost snuggled to him...her face was ice cold...Ashutosh so wished towarm her face with his caresses but she was hell-bent to watch the sunset onthe bank's of lake...though sun wasn't visible...she enjoyed the twilightthere. After watching lake in twilightthey return to hotel. Ashutosh wasn't willing to move out but Nidhi makes himto take a walk again on boulevard and in hotels lawns after freshening up andsipping some hot coffee.

He was morethan happy to take the stroll when Nidhi snuggled to him to escape the coldwave.

The moment theyenter the hotel...Nidhi's teeth were chattering...Ashutosh talks toreceptionist...and orders dinner and takes her to their suite...she was shivering...heholds her in embrace for sometime...caressing her face...and rubbing her backsoftly she recovers and withdraws herself...he rebukes her, "Stay'll feel better"

"No I'll takeshower"

"Are yousure?" She nods her head. But he doesn't allow her to take the shower in masterbedroom...he almost forces her to take shower in the other room that amazesNidhi but she assents.

Ashutoshquickly changes into his night dress...and waits for Nidhi in the living roomto have their dinner...his heart leaps when he watches Nidhi in wet hair and inher night gown emerging from bedroom...but he restrains himself...making her tosit next to him...he almost feeds her the dinner. Hot shower, dinner and thewarmth of suite recovered Nidhi and he takes a breath of relief and asks her, "Youwould have loved to see whole Kashmir on very first day"

She smilessheepishly...and he looks fondly at her...pulling her in his arms he asks,"Nidhi can I ask you something?"

She gives hima questioning look with a mingle of surprise...he smiles and utters, "I want tosee you in that Olive green intended to wear to our receptionparty"

"But that'sin lucknow"

He smirks andanswers, "that's in this bag"

She looks athim stunned and checks the bag...She gives a questioning glance to him and hegestures her towards the room where she just had her shower. Nidhi movestowards the room and gets ready...her mind starts pondering "He wants to see medecked as a bride" She smiles shyly looking her image in the mirror and comesout...but he wasn't in the living room...she moves towards the master bedroomof their suite and gets rooted at the sight...the room was illumined like theirwedding night...the TV was on but Ashutosh was fiddling with remote waiting forher impatiently...the remote falls on the floor changing the TV's channel...hestands to pick up the remote when he notices her standing at the doorway...hiseyes stuck on her he forgets to blink...his eyes gleam and the song plays onTV...

Aankhon ki Gustakhiyan.. maaf hoon
O aankhon ki Gustakhiyan.. maaf hoon
Ek tuk tumhein dekhti hain
Jo baat kehna chaahe zubaan
Tumse vo ye kehti hain

Not able to stand his stare...Nidhi lowers her eyesand walks in..

Aankhon ki
Sharmohaya.. maaf ho
Tumhein dekhke jhukti hain
Uthi aankhein jo baat na keh sakin
Jhuki aankhein wo.. Kehti hain
Aankhon ki Aankhon ki
Gustakhiyan.. maaf hoon

Reaching near him...he cups herface in his hands and pecks her forehead and mumbles, "looking beautiful" he places her dupatta on her head and watchesher mesmerizingly...his eyes lock with hers...displaying all his desires...

Kaajal ka ek til tumhare labhon pe laga loon
La la la..
Haan chanda aur suraj ki nazron se tumko bacha loon
Oh palkhon ki chilman mein aao main tumko chhupa loon
Aa.. a..
Khayaalon ki
Ye shokhiyaan... Maaf hon (hhhaan..)
Har dam tumhein sochti hain
Jab hosh mein hota hai jahan
Madhosh ye krti hain
Aankhon ki sharmohaya
Maaf ho

Nidhi lowers her eyes and theireye lock breaks...he lifts her up in his arms and carries her to the bed...layingher softly on the bed...Nidhi locks her arms around his neck...staring him forsometime...he pecks his forehead.

Ye zindagi aapki hi amaanat rahegi (aye hey)
Dil mein sada aapki hi mohabbat rahegi (aye hey)
In saanson ko aapki hi zaroorat rahegi
Haan is dil ki
Naadaniyaan maaf hon
Ye mere kahan sunti hain
Ye pal pal jo hote hain bepal sanam
Toh sapne naye bunti hain

Aankhon ki Aankhon ki Gustakhiyan.. Maaf hon
Sharmohaya.. Maaf ho

Song ends and Ashutosh gets up toswitch off the TV and room lights...he comes back and unwraps dupatta on Nidhi andkisses her passionately...the pinning of past three nights ripens and heforgets everything...

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She walks in Beauty (story) - Page 5 | Kuch Toh Log Kehenge (12)




She walks in Beauty (story) - Page 5 | Kuch Toh Log Kehenge (13) She walks in Beauty (story) - Page 5 | Kuch Toh Log Kehenge (14)

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Chapter 42

"Love has no other desire but to fulfillitself. But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires:To melt and be like running brook that sings its melody to the night."(K.G)

Quenchingthe thirst of past few days he looks at her in veneration...his eyes offeringthe homage like the votive offerings of a worshiper...he straightens her ravenlocks spread on pillow and pecks the swollen lips...Nidhi pecks him back...hesmiles and leans to caress her neck...her fingers ruffle his hair bearing themaddening sensations his touch was provoking in her and he goes on exploringthe heavens that was forbidden to him after having a taster few nights ago. Hishands reach the fastening of her top and she gasps out, "Ashutosh!"

Ina husky breathy voice...his hands tugging the string of her knot he asks, "Yesmy love"

Shemutters, "Lights"

Hewhispers nibbling her earlobe, "not tonight"

Nidhigrabs his hands and pleads, "Please"

Lookingintensely deep into her eyes he asks, "Why do you want to hide my wife...he extends his arm and switches off thenight lamp...I'm not going to do this every time"

Shemumbles, "I can do that myself"

"What?Come again...what did you say?"

Askingthe question repeatedly that gets dissipated in her moans.

"Hmn...Letme sleep"

Ashutoshsmiles and whispers near her ear "Wake up! the sun is already up"

Insleepy drowsy voice she replies, "Sun was up when we slept"

Ashutoshgiggles...he holds her snugly...his mornings were never so amazing...he triesto ponder, "when was the last time hismorning began with a hearty smile or a he has been doing past fewdays...the joy he's feeling has no match...he never knew such a beautifulfeeling"

Tuckingher in, he holds her closely...allowing her to sleep...softly caressing herhair...after a while Nidhi gets aware of their stark bodies...she opens hereyes disturbingly but tries not to make any movement...her head resting on his chest...themelody of his soft thumps...resounding the moments of their tryst...her cheeksbrightened recalling how he was all over her... the showers of love a dam burst...inundating her to the levels of brim over...and like a cascade that made her torevel in its currents.

Nidhitries to disentangle herself from his arms...the moment he feels hermovement...he tightens his hold...she mumbles, "Please!"

Heturns to left holding her in his arms so that he can have a look at her facebut she embraces him tight. Ashutosh easing his grip tries to pull her out,"please look at me"

Nidhiholds the top of duvet and flits in between them as soon as she moves out tolook at him. Ashutosh looks at her in smirk...he kisses her forehead and givesa slight tug to the duvet...Nidhi quickly leaps back to him saying, "You arebad". He chuckles, "What a deference to show to your husband early morning"

Shemock punches him, "What do you expect for your mischief"

Heexclaims "Mischief!...hmn...I won't mind mischief for a mischief'

Sheretorts, "Hmn...I know"

Aftera moment she feels his fondle...his hands wandering on her body...She gasps,"Ashutosh!"

Hetwirls and crushes her softly under him... groaning, "Hmn"

"Pleasenot this time"

Nuzzlingher neck "Why?...hmn" She moans "Please"

Herplease' makes him to raise himselfon his elbows to look at her...she quickly places her one hand on his eyes andpulls the duvet using other... Ashutosh chuckles, "What's this Nidhi?"

"Please...letme go...we are very late"

"Takeyour hand know what I can do"

"No!You won' are my sweet hubby"

Ashutoshchuckles again, "So my sweet wifey is allowing me to see"

"I'llif my hubby promises he won't turn naughty"

"Naughty?...he bends his head and removes her hand fromhis eyes... her hand in his he pecks her hand...what do you mean bynaughty...if you mean this...then I can't help"...sinking his teeth into duvethe pulls the duvet but Nidhi was holding the duvet tightly she pleads..."please"

Heraises his eyebrow and she narrows her eyes pleadingly...Ashutosh givesup...he always loved the way she narrowed her eyes asking for something...hecan give his life for that one look...he cups her face and pecks at hereyes...then he closes his eyes and Nidhi stares at him amazingly... he gives asoft tug to duvet...Nidhi didn't know when her grip loosened on the duvet...shewatches duvet slide from her chest...he had his eyes closed...he embraces herand lifts her up...he gets off the bed holding her in his arms and wraps themin a duvet...Nidhi looks stunningly at him...his eyes were gleaming with lovewhen he looked at her...he walks upto the restroom door and releases her...shuttinghis eyes he utters "go"

Nidhilooks at him in wonder and reverence...she pecks his eyes and slips intorestroom. Ashutosh opens his eyes and looks longingly at the restroomdoor...feeling the emptiness he hugs himself and moves to look out throughwindow...taking the picturesque morning view of Dal lake...he smiles brightlyat the morning sun...the wounds of loneliness were feeling salved... healing graduallyhe was feeling renewed.

Hecomes back to bed and takes his cell phone and makes a call to lucknow... thatwas answered by Hiraman Kaka.

"HelloBeta...How is Nidhi?"

Ashutoshlooks at his phone with frown and answers him, "Kaka I'm on the phone...youdon't want to know about me...and you are asking about Nidhi"

"NoBeta you can take care of yourself...I want to know whether you're taking careof her or not"

Ashutoshsmiles, "Great! In few days...just in few are saying I can take careof myself and all you are concerned about is Nidhi...and why she can't takecare of herself"

HiramanKaka: "I don't know...where is she?"

Ashutosh chuckles, "She is gettingready...where is Baba?"

HiramanKaka passes the phone to Baba and he answers, "How are you Ashu? How's Nidhi?"

"BabaI'm fine...but I also want to know about Nidhi"

Babachuckles, "You remember what you used to say whenever we're concerned about you...Baba imitates him I can take care of myself' are you feeling jealous"

"Whywould I be jealous of your daughter-in-law?"

Babachuckles, "Hmn...I can smell"

Ashutoshenquires about Baba's health and hangs up the phone. He then calls Col.Verma...after a brief chat his eyes catch Nidhi in a bath robe taking herclothes from the closet...his eyes get stuck...he ends the call...forgettingabout the duvet that was covering him...he gets up...the duvet slips off hisshoulders and he gets aware and catches duvet at his torso...his eyes glued onNidhi he walks upto her and takes her in a back hug...wrapping the duvet aroundher.

"Whatis this?"

Hetakes in a deep breath...taking in her fresh fragrance, "You smell tasty" andstarts nuzzling her neck.

"Stopit! Go and get ready"

"Hmn...letme taste you first"

Sheretorts, "No!" extricating herself she pushes him towards restroom and asks,"Go and get ready"

Heplops on couch, "I'm not going...till I get something that can help me spendten minutes without know shrugginghis shoulders"

Nidhishakes her head resignedly and comes near him and pecks at his lips and fleesfrom there saying, "Now go"

Heholds his tongue in cheek and giving her a sidelong look he moves to take hisshower.

Aftera while he comes usual in his towel...if Nidhi lost herself seeing thesmashing form of her husband...Ashutosh was dazed to see the Nidhi in jeans anda top...her hair tied in a ponytail. Nidhi was first to break their eyelock...she turns to do what she was busy with...searching for hermangalsutra...she picks her earrings, rings but couldn't find that...she turnsto ask him about mangalsutra but finds him rooted where he wasstanding...looking at her he gestures her to come near him and sheassents...resting his arms on her shoulders he tickles her with his wet hairand asks, "Why have you tied your hair?"

Goosingher he pulls her to himself and she stifles and gives a wide eyed expression,"Leave me!" he brushes his lips to her and mutters, "Can't stay a minutewithout you...and what can I do when you look so beautiful...I'm bound toloose my senses"

"Iknow...leave me now...we are getting late...we have to leave" while she spokehis mouth was on her.

"Can'twe stay here...motioning towards bed...therethat's the best place to be...I swear"

Ina smirk Nidhi answers, "Yes" he was puzzled to hear her yes but his face fallswhen she continues, "You can stay here" she pushes him and flees to search hermangalsutra. He gives her a sidelong look and answers, "you think I can stayalive"

Nidhigets angry and throws pillow at him, "How many times I told you not to say suchwords"

Hewhispers looking at her, "Sorry"

Ina huff she turns and gets back to her job. He walks up to her...back hugs herand mumbles a sorry again...she doesn't relent in same angry tone she asks,"Where is my mangalsutra?"

Givingan innocent look "How do I know?"

Sheturns and looks at him...still in huff, "who took that off?"

"Idon't know...I mean...I don't remember" She gives him a resigned look and turnsto move...but he grabs her a breathy voice he continues, "If you canhelp me remember...may be... I can recall if I do that know"

"NoI don't...and don't worry I've another one...I can wear that" him adetermined look... "Are you going to stay in towel whole day?"

Heshrugs his shoulders, "What can I wife is not helping me"

Sheturns and moves towards closet and he follows her...she offers him clothes andhe wears...his tee...jeans and a warm sweater...then he grabs her in his arms...shewas still in huff...trying to smooth her anger he whispers, "I said I'msorry...please hug me Nidhi...please!...don't blame me if I repeat those words"she takes a deep breath and raises her hands and hugs him tightly...after awhile he pulls her out and takes her lips...when he releases her lips...Nidhifeels her hair open...she gives a stunned look to him and he winks inresponse...tweaking her cheek he utters, "let us have our breakfast we aregetting late"

"What?Now we are getting late?" She looks at him baffled but he moves to living roomand straightening her hair she follows him...when she passes him...he pulls herand she slumps into his lap...caging her in, he smirks and she pouts...raisinghis one eyebrow he smoothers her pout with his smooch and then feeds herbreakfast... and in same stance they have breakfast feeding each other.

Afterhaving breakfast Ashutosh pecks her lips and asks, "Where are we going now?"his hands slip inside her sweater...she arches her neck at his touch andAshutosh's eyes catch the mark on her neck...he quickly takes his one hand outand softly caresses the mark.

"Jaandid I hurt you?"

Nidhigives him a questioning look...noticing what he was caressing she shakes herhead shyly and answers, "Can love hurt?"

Hepulls her to him...flings the top of her dress and pecks the mark followed by aslobbery kiss. Their eyes were passionately gleaming when they looked at eachother. Ashutosh trails her lips and mutters in a breathy voice, "I love you"

Nidhimumbles, "Love you too...shall we move now?"

Heshakes his head...looking intensely at her...their eyes locked... he asks, "Youdon't want your mangalsutra"

Hereyes gleaming in love...responding to his intense stare...she shakes her headand utters, "I've another one"

Heraises his eyebrow, "Really?"

Sheflaunts the pendant he gave her on morning after their wedding night...hesmiles and pecks the pendant on her chest bone...she gasps...he looks at herand fastens her mangalsutra around her neck, "Love both your mangalsutras" hekisses the another one too...and she hugs him tightly.

Theywere in cab moving towards the Cheshmashahi garden...Nidhi in child likeinnocence was watching the scenic beauty on the way...and Ashutosh's eyes wereon her face...feeling his eyes she asks in a whisper, "Why don't you look atthe beauty outside?"

Hereturns a meaningful glance and she turns her face towards the window...hesmiles...snaking his arm around her he asks... "These chinars (sycamore) look beautiful".

Nidhianswers, "Hmn...You feel so cool under their shade during scorching heat...theyoffer the solace who ever sits under their shade"

Youknow there is proverb here that says... "Some have wives like a shady chinar,let us go under it and cool ourselves"

Ashutosh:"I don't know about chinars but wives are shady and soothing to the soul"

Nidhismiles at him in love...when they reach near the move that turns towardsCheshmashahi garden...driver asks them, "would you like to visit Botonicalgarden here"

Nidhianswers, "No! On our way back" and driver moves ahead.

Nidhiexclaims, "These gardens are a bliss in summers...I wish we could come hereduring summers"

Ashutoshanswers, "Why not?"

Sheresponds excitedly, "Really?"

Ashutoshnods, "Yes I want to see whole world with you...anew"

Sheknew what he meant by anew" she winks in understanding.

Themoment they got off the cab...Ashutosh holds her hand...she smiles feelingprotected in her husband's presence...they climb the flight of stairs thattakes them to the garden area... the design of the garden, similar toother Kashmiri gardens, is a version of a traditional Persian garden that hasbeen modified to fit the steep site. Because of the site's topography and thelimited options for flowing water...its water only run in one direction...from topto bottom...instead of a flat ground plane, the garden is composed of threeterraced planes. An axial water channel runs the length of the garden, from thespring source on the third terrace to a five-fountain-pool on the first terrace.

Chashma Shahi ("Royal Spring") received itsname from its water source...a spring located on its uppermost terrace. Thegarden, one of the smaller Kashmiri gardens around Dal Lake, is found on thesoutheastern side of the lake. Chashma Shahi is found just to the north of PariMahal...a garden palace...and south of the Nishat Bagh...another Mughal garden.

At the top of the stairs...they reach a gate that controlsthe access to the garden. Passing through the gate they enter the firstterrace...Ashutosh watches mesmerizingly ...a square five-fountain-pool receivingwater from the second terrace by means of a steep water ramp that transferswater between garden terraces. (The fountain-pool is centered... a basefor a Kashmiri baradari on the third terrace that encloses the spring..."baradari"literally means "twelve doors," from the Persian summerhouses withtwelve archways to let in breezes, it also indicates a garden pavilion)

Nidhi exclaims, "Isn't that beautiful"

Ashutosh having his eyes on the flowing water nods hishead.

They take another flight of stairs to reach the secondterrace...they stroll the garden area and watch the city from that height...on thesecond terrace...the water channel carrying the water from the spring on thethird the fountain pool...looks equally mesmerizing...they lock a fewmoments in their camera.

At the end of second terrace...two flights ofstairs...take them to the third terrace...where the water spring is surrounded by atwo-story baradari. They enterthe baradari and taste the most delicious spring water with medicinal values...wherethe spring sprouts...and flows water down to the terraces. Ashutosh sprinklessome water on Nidhi's face...but regrets when seeing the water on her faceresemble a rose showered in oasis...the oasis he so wished to taste...but can't.

Nishi seeing him mesmerizedlooks at him questioningly and he silently shakes his head.

They hand in hand, walk thegarden area of third the beautiful dal lake...and the dargah theyvisited together yesterday from the heights of Cheshmashahi garden. Afterclicking lot of pictures they turn to see the Pari Mahal'..."The Palace ofFairies".

After five minutes they reach the PariMahal garden...nestled in the bosom of Zabarwan mountain and majestically overlooking the Dal Lake this beautiful Fairy Palace of Kashmir in Srinagar was a placeworth enjoying and experiencing. Once dotted with numerous springs, which havedried up now, Ashutosh and nidhi love to visit the seven terraced garden.

Ashutosh observes, "One needs lot oftime to visit this place".

Nidhi answers, "Hmn...a day for onegarden...and you have to see the gardens changing colours in every season...presentingdifferent views in summer, autumn, winter and spring... and at evening...the PariMahal looks bedazzling with radiant lights at night."

Ashutosh smiles, "Your nose think you can come here at night"

He holds her snugly offering her thewarmth and they leave the garden. On the way Ashutosh asks her, "Would you liketo have some coffee"

She nods and he smiles, "So you arefeeling cold"

She touches the cold fingers to hischeek...and he looks fondly at her...he grabs her hands and places at hismidriff under his jacket...she gives him a pop eyed look gesturing towards thedriver and he winks and straightens his jacket having her hands beneath.

They stopped near a restaurant to havesome coffee...but as it was lunch time Ashutosh thought it fit to orderlunch...Nidhi agreed readily...Ashutosh smiles and asks, "feeling hungry?"

She shrugs her shoulders and heresponds, "I feel a lot hungry...but alas my food can't be served here"

She gives him a pop eyed look, "Don'tyou are turning more and more shameless day by day"

He shrugs his shoulders and mumbles,"Who's to blame?"

Nidhi shakes her head and the waitercomes to take their order. Nidhi asks, "So what would you like to have?"

He looks at her in a meaningfulglint...she lowers her eyes...and orders their lunch without waiting for hisanswer...he holds tongue in his cheek but Nidhi concentrates on orderinglunch...for starters she orders... Nadur Churma' and for main course... DumAaloo'... Nadur Yakhini' and Rajma' with rice, nan, curd and vegraita...and for dessert she ordered shufta'...and the waiter left.

Ashutosh chuckles, "What did you orderNidhi? you even know what the dishes are"

Nidhi smiles and answers, "Youforgot...I've been here and rest assured you would love to have your lunch"

Ashutosh raises his eyebrows...sheshakes her head and pouts. Ashutosh chuckles and mumbles, "Okay I'm sorry...nowexplain what you have ordered...what this Nadur means?"

"The lotus stems"

"Okay! And what you ordered indessert... Shufta"

"Dry fruits cooked in sugary syrup withadded saffron"

"Hmn...good for winter cold"

They have lunch...talking about thekashmiri food...the kashmiri spices. They stole chances to feed each other.Ashutosh loved Nadur yakhini' and the dessert...and Nidhi made a point to asksomeone about the that she can make for him in lucknow.

After having lunch...Nidhi asksAshutosh, "Where are we going now?"

"Any where you can takeme... my love"

She stares him and he asks, "What? Ireally mean?" she smiles and locks her arm in his...walking arm in arm theymove towards the cab to see the Nishat (Garden of Bliss) and Shalimar gardens(Abode of Love).

Nishat Bagh an adaptation of thetraditional Persian four gardens. The four gardens take its inspiration fromthe Quranic description of heaven as having four rivers, of wine, honey, milk,and water. The traditional four gardens are uniformly shaped, with awater source in its center and four radiating streams which divide the gardeninto four sections. Similar to other gardens in the Dal Lake region, NishatBagh is not located on flat ground. The typical four gardens design had to bealtered to fit the site's topography, as the source of water shifted from thetraditional center of the square garden to the highest point of the garden. Inthis manner, one axial stream is emphasized and the other streams are minimized.

Ashutosh exclaims, "Truly this iscalled heaven...Nidhi we'll come to see this heaven in summer"

The central water stream flowsdown from the top of the garden through a channel decorated with fountains andoccasionally divided into fountain pools.

Nidhi excitedly responds, "Yes Iwould love to take picture in this water beautifully these stoneramps are engraved with wave patterns"

Ashutosh answers, "Hmn...they makethe flowing water more beautiful...and they also help transfer water between thevarious terraces"

Nidhi yells, "Look at the stonebenches crossing the water stream near the ramp...let us sit on them and clicksome snaps"

Ashutosh agrees and they take thehelp of photographer in the garden. Nidhi takes pictures wearing the kashmirihead cover...Ashutosh was lost in her antics and her fervent lively attitudetowards everything around her.

By the time they explored twelveterraced was four in the evening...Ashutosh makes her to hurry, "Let usmove Nidhi...we have to see the Shalimar garden as well...we are getting late"

"What's the fun of coming here...ifyou come and leave without enjoying being here"

"I won't mind if you give upseeing other places"

"No! I can't"

Ashutosh chuckles shaking hishead, "Okay let us move then"

Nidhi enters the garden and exclaims, "Shalimar...the abode of love"

Ashutosh grabs her arm and locks in his and answers, "You need to knowlove to understand this beauty" he silently watches the garden and his heartcontinues this would have beenmeaningless without you Nidhi.

The garden rectangular in not located directly on the lakeshore, it is connected to Lake Dal by a long canal, and the formal approach tothe garden is through this canal. Similar to other mughal gardens it adaptsfour gardens to the mountainous topography by emphasizing the central water channel;and the source of water shifts from the center of the garden to its highestpoint. Thus the central water canal of the garden forms its main axis, unitingthe three terraces with their regularly placed fountains and chinar (sycamore)tree-lined vistas. Beginning at the top of the garden, the canal runs througheach of the pavilions in the garden.

A black marble throne surrounded by water cascades forms the centralfeature of the garden where the emperor held his daily court.

Ashutosh and Nidhi after strolling the garden sit near the cascades...Nidhirests her head on his shoulder...and he steals a chance to peck at herhead...silently watching the cascades falling against a low fall with smallniches...Nidhi enlightens him, "Earlier these niches held oil they holdthese pots of that their colors reflect behind the flowing water"

Nidhi recites words aptly described by achronicler glowingly:

"A subtle air of leisure and repose, a romanticindefinable spell, pervades the royal Shalimar: this leafy garden of dimvistas, shallow terraces, smooth sheets of falling water, and wide canals, withcalm reflections broken only by the stepping stones across the streams."

Ashutosh holds her snugly...feeling the presence of his the Abodeof love.

Zubin Mehta and Abhay Soporiconcert in Shalimar Garden

Nidhi feels chill as the day was nearing dusk...he wraps his arm aroundher and makes her to stand up and together they move out of the garden and takethe cab.

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