Technical Support And Help for DEX 3. Download updates. | PCDJ (2024)

DEX 3 Software Downloads:

  • Windows: Download DEX 3.20.7

    Click to Download DEX 3.20.7 for Windows 8.1/10/11 (64bit Version)

    Released September 8th, 2023

  • macOS: Download DEX 3.20.7

    Click to Download DEX 3.20.7 for macOS 10.15 (or higher)

    Released September 8th, 2023

  • Windows 32bit (Older Version for Older Computers): Download DEX

    Click to Download DEX for Windows 8.1/10/11 (32bit Version)

    Released September 7th, 2022

  • Windows Direct X 9 Version: DEX 3.2 (For older Windows hardware)

    This release is for users Running Windows 7 with older hardware (older than 4 years)
    Only install and use this release if you can’t initialize and run the regular version.

Activation Instructions:

To unlock the free trial, click on “click here to buy/unlock the full version” at the top of the DEX 3 interface (to the right of the DEX logo). Then click “I already bought it”. Please copy your license code from the original purchase email you received when you purchased and select “paste” on the activation screen.

If you are going to type the code in manually (you don’t have an original purchase email or you have a hard copy) please make sure that you enter in the code with your CAPS LOCK ON.

If you lost your Activation code Please Contact Support here and submit a ticket requesting a code look up.

Please do not call Technical Support for an activation code as we do not give out licensing information over the phone. This is for the protection of the original license holder

Realted Downloads and Manuals

  • CD Ripper:

    Download Audio Grabber CD ripper. For more instructions on Audio grabber click here.

Instructional Videos

General features Overview

General System Optimizations

Windows: System Optimization For PCDJ Software

DEX 3.20.7 Changes

  • KSR: improved searching results; searching also the filename and disc id fields; other small fixes;
  • New controller: Hercules DJ Control GLOW
  • Added support for multiple identical controllers (eg. single-deck controllers such as the Reloop RMP-4)
  • Automatically assign identical controllers to different decks
    – you can view in Options -> Control which decks are assigned to which controllers
  • Performance optimization’s (we store a pre-scanned default controllers list in the user’s Controllers folder – this is much faster, especially on slower machines which took 1-2 seconds to load the scripts list every time the app was started)
  • Fixed crash when using certain 4-deck controllers
  • TIDAL: fixed loading more than 50 playlists
  • TIDAL: no longer allowing AIUnmixEQ™ on TIDAL tracks (for legal reasons)
  • Minor improvements

DEX 3.20.6 Changes

  • Karaoke: no longer keeping song/singer duplicates in History (eg. you can type s:Singer Name in the search field to find all songs by a singer)
  • Karaoke: fixed KSR bug: cannot favorite the first track in the catalog/search results
  • Controller mappings improvements: Pioneer DDJ-1000, Pioneer DDJ-1000 SRT, Numark DJ2GO2 Touch, Numark MixTrack Platinum FX
  • 3rd-party streaming services are collapsed by default in the browser section
  • Beatport / Beatsource guest mode improvements
  • Added Beatport, Beatsource, Music/iTunes dedicated icons
  • Controller scripts/mappings: setAudioDevice() function now also (optionally) has audio routing settings; example: setAudioDevice(‘audio device name1|||audio device name2|||name3|||etc’, ‘optionalSetting1:0|||RoutingOutDeckA:1|||RoutingOutDeckB:2|||etc’);
  • Small Bug Fixes and Performance improvements

DEX Changes

  • Fixed RememberSongEq bug
  • Fixed next singers list (on the video screen) doubling the last singer when “Show Empty Singers” is enabled and not enough singers in the list
  • Fixed Karaoke Cloud Pro (KCP) subscriptions bug

DEX 3.20.5 Changes

  • More accurate sync and snap-to-beat loops (especially when the beat-grid is set correctly)
  • Setting a cue point (only while playing) will now snap it to the closest beat
  • Karaoke singer rotation: after the singer rotation is performed (the current singer is moved at the end of the list after 20 seconds of playback) we always move the cursor back on the first item in the list (next singer)
  • AIUnmixEQ™ with “Kill Vocal” for the LYRX and LYRX12 skins
  • We no longer forward the UI error message for tracks with errors if the error occurs after more than 85% of the track (but we still generate silence)

DEX 3.20.4 Changes

  • Notify the user if a bad/corrupted file was loaded (UI message: “errors while decoding track”)
  • After the first decoding error we only output silence thus preventing any possible crashes with further decoding errors
  • Fixed buffer overflow causing crash in Windows

DEX 3.20.3 Changes

  • New controller: Pioneer DDJ-1000
  • New controller: DDJ-1000SRT
  • New controller: DDJ-800
  • New controller: Pioneer DDJ-FLX4
  • New controller: Pioneer DDJ-FLX6 (no merge fx or jog cutter support)
  • Vestax Typhoon controller mapping improvements
  • New setting: “Auto match musical key when beat sync/match”
  • Added Beatport/Beatsource: Guest/Preview mode for unsubscribed users. The anonymous users can listen to the LOFI previews and search catalog, genres and curated playlists.
  • Added explicit lyrics [E] song markings for Beatport, Beatsource, SoundCloud, TIDAL, iTunes/Music
  • Several fixes and improvements for the iTunes (Windows) integration
  • Implemented getValue scripting actions: originalKey, currentKey, key | deckSyncKey, deckSyncKeyReset (controller script) + deck_synckey, deck_synckey_reset (skin)

DEX 3.20.1 Changes

  • New controller supported: Pioneer DDJ-REV1
  • New controller supported: Pioneer DDJ-400
  • New controller supported: Pioneer DDJ-200
  • Multiple improvements to the 14 already-supported Pioneer controllers related to better detection and jog-wheel feel
  • New controller script actions: deckStem1 .. 4, deckStemMomentary1 .. 4Nnew script notifications: stem1 .. 4Nnew skin actions: deck_stem_1 .. 4, deck_stem_m_1 .. 4
  • Other minor changes

DEX 3.20 Changes

  • Advanced beat-grid editing (including multiple beat-grid zones/sections for dynamic/changing tempos)

  • Automatic BAR (measure) detection and down-beat detection

  • Showing iTunes/Music artwork including for DRM protected or cloud tracks (Mac only)

  • Progress bar when processing for AIUnmixEQ (splitting the track into stems)

  • Download tracks improvements for Party Tyme Karaoke (Muvika)

  • Added Samples section (6 samplers) for the LYRX skins

  • Stripes are now optional (eg. can be deleted without a need to re-analyze the track) and are much smaller (eg. ~100 KB/track now vs ~600 KB/track before)

  • New skin actions: deck_bpm2, deck_pitch_key_label2, deck_beatpos2, deck_barpos, deck_barpos2, deck_bar_beat_pos, deck_edit_bpm_value, deck_edit_bpm_downbeat, deck_edit_bpm_movel, deck_edit_bpm_mover, deck_edit_bpm_double, deck_edit_bpm_more, deck_edit_bpm_less, deck_edit_bpm_half, deck_edit_bpm_remove_grid, deck_edit_bpm_add_grid, deck_edit_bpm_choose_grid

  • Added beatcolor, downbeatcolor, chosendownbeatcolor attributes to sound display

  • Removed setting: Use Steady BPM Detection (always enabled by default now)

  • Multiple bug fixes and optimizations

DEX 3.19 Changes

  • AIUnmixEQ™ – Real-Time Unmixing / Stem Separation (Music Source Separation). Separate songs into 3 stems:
    – Vocals (High eq knob)
    – Instruments (Mid eq knob)
    – Drums (Low eq knob)

  • DEX 3 audio engine is now fully 32-bit
  • Added support for industry-standard STEM files (files with a “.stem.mp4” extension that contain pre-separated stems: drums, bass, sounds/melody, voice/lead)
  • Improved BPM Sync
  • Various performance optimizations

DEX Changes

  • Fixed shaders not showing in certain cases

  • Increased search results limit (for local tracks) from 100 to 10000

  • Fixes for Denon HC4500: jog-wheel hold now working, better controller detection

  • Changed KSR track limit warning message (it will now suggest to keep your KSR track list under 100,000 tracks)

  • Minor optimizations and performance improvements

DEX Changes

  • Removed 3rd-party services tracks from the search results if they are not truly active
  • Fixes for Denon MC6000 MK2: VU-meters now working, better controller detection
  • Fixes for Denon MC7000: crash when loading certain tracks
  • Automatically clear decks video output when audio-only content is loaded (eg. after loading a video and then loading an audio track the last video frame was still showing)
  • Windows: fixed audio devices with special characters in their name not working
  • Mac: fixed AirPods/Pro (and some other Bluetooth devices) sometimes not being detected/working correctly (bug introduced in version)
  • Mac: fixed upside-down video on deck 2 when no video loaded on deck 1 (present on some Intel-based Macs)
  • Mac: minimum requirements are now macOS 10.15 (Catalina)
  • Various performance improvements

DEX 3.18 Changes

  • Big quality increase for “High-quality time-stretching” option
  • New Windows audio output system using WASAPI (new implementation) or ASIO; DirectSound discontinued;
  • New for both Mac and Windows: added extra input device for microphone because sometimes users have separate USB mikes: “Select an additional audio device for microphone input (optional)”
  • Windows, Mac: fixed not-working or bad audio quality for “Select an additional audio device for previewing / monitoring (headphones)”
  • Windows, Mac: changed latency setting to power-of-two sizes (64, 128,…,4096) which corresponds to (1.45 ms, 2,9 ms,…,92.9 ms). Please note that on Windows you can only control the latency for ASIO, WASAPI latency is controlled by the OS itself (usually about 22 ms) and cannot be adjusted (it’s fixed).
  • Mac: fixed audio inputs / microphone bad quality because of resampling bug
  • Mac: fixed unnecessary audio output resampling (very slight audio quality improvement)
  • Windows: fixed pre-selecting the default audio device at the 1st run

DEX 3.17.1 Changes

  • Added new broadcasting options: Shoutcast (MP3) and Icecast2 (MP3) in addition to the existing Icecast2 (OGG/Vorbis)
  • Added audio mix recording to MP3/AAC/FLAC in addition to the existing WAV/AIFF
  • Additional fixes for TIDAL playlists (getting all the tracks available in the playlist)
  • Minor bug fixes

DEX Changes

  • New DJ controllers supported: Numark PartyMix Live, Numark PartyMix MKII
  • Fixed crash when loading corrupted/unsupported ZIP files (eg. karaoke CDG+MP3/WAV zip files)
  • Fixed loading certainTIDALplaylists with over 100 tracks
  • “Remove Dead Files” option no longer removes the streaming tracks (thus preserving history and other playlist items that use streaming tracks)
  • Disabled streaming services tracks no longer appear in the global search when disabled (eg.Party Tyme Karaoke,, Karaoke Cloud Pro (KCP))
  • Other minor fixes and performance improvements

DEX Changes

  • Added support for Digitrax’s Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription service
  • Fixed issue with “tilde” character (if a karaoke zip or mp3+G had a tilde in the file name, only the graphics would play on-screen)
  • Performance improvements

DEX Changes

  • Fixed SoundCloud login issue (conflict with TIDAL)
  • Fixed Mac window initial scaling (show the whole window content no matter what the Dock size is)
  • Pioneer DDJ-WeGO4 bug fixes

DEX 3.17 Changes

  • New: TIDAL Streaming Service support (including Video tracks)
  • New: “3rd Party Services” tab in Preferences/Settings – this is where all the integrations are (streaming services, stores, etc)
  • New setting: “Always start a new track when filler music player resumes” (when disabled the filler music will continue where it left off when playback resumes)
  • New setting: “Show singers without songs” (you can customize the default “Pick a song!” text); this will show in the karaoke ticker / next singers list;
  • New: Automatically moving the cross-fader to the left for 1-deck / karaoke-only skins (eg. LYRX)
  • New: Warn the user when there is no current audio device set or is disconnected: “The audio device could not be found. Please re-connect it and restart the app or select a different audio device from Preferences/Options -> Audio Routing tab.”
  • Updated: Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK now compatible with the new ARM M1-based Macs
  • Fixed: Browser-lists splitters sometimes not working correctly
  • Fixed: Memory leak for video loops (eg. karaoke background video)
  • Fixed: Windows audio device names with special characters
  • Fixed: Rare downloading issues for some streaming services
  • Various performance improvements

DEX Changes

  • Fixed SoundCloud Go+ login
  • Fixed KSR updating delays/rate limiting
  • Other small improvements

DEX Changes

  • Signed app and installer (Windows) (no more Windows and browser warnings/errors on download/install)
  • Fixed freeze when exiting/saving database (KSR related)
  • Fixed Party Tyme Karaoke 1KB downloaded files – if the download is not OK/complete it will be discarded
  • Fixed browser window size on certain high-res Windows screens
  • Multiple crash fixes and improvements

DEX 3.16 Changes

  • KSR (Karaoke Singer Requests) Support – Remote song request system
  • Karaoke singers ticker/scroller (scrolled list of singers + custom message) with text color setting
  • Extensive optimizations for macOS Catalina and Big Sur
  • Fixed issue with certain karaoke zip and video files causing a crash
  • Various (small) Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

DEX Changes

  • Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK support
  • Completely overhauled the musical key and key mixing functionality:
    – 5 different ways (notations) to view the Musical Key: Standard Scale, Open Key, Open Key + Standard, Alt Key (Camelot), Alt Key + Standard
    – color-coded Musical Keys in the browser and decks for easy, visual key matching
    – choose between viewing flats (b) or sharps (#)
    – settings for all the above
  • (3.15.2) Added karaoke fixed rotation (add a new singer after the last added singer): includes setting (enabled by default
  • Fixed audio recording on Windows
  • Various performance improvements

DEX 3.14 Changes

  • macOS Catalina support (NOTE:If you receive this warning “setup_dex3_3.14_mac.pkg can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. this software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information” when installing to macOS Catalinaplease follow the steps on Apple’s website to install DEX 3)
  • OpenGL to Metal (macOS Catalina Graphics API)
  • Using new modern way to access Music (iTunes) library
  • Moved Location of data (PCDJ-DEX3) folder to prevent various access/saving issues
  • Added button to access user data folder in DEX 3’s options (top right of General tab)
  • Added new setting: “Use max framerate for video/graphics” (works on both Windows and Mac)
  • Added Karaoke “Singer Search” in search window. Click the “S” button in the search windows and then type in one of your karaoke singers names to display their singer history immediately.
  • Extensive optimizations, Performance improvements, and bug fixes

DEX Changes

  • Fixed Shader Support due to recent change of protocols at
  • Various performance improvements (mainly related to communicating with SoundCloud and Party Tyme services).

DEX Changes

  • LYRX Skins: Added a little “S” toggle button next to the search box – when it’s toggled ON it only searches singer history (no matter the list you’re in)
  • LYRX skins: Added Key stepper buttons (vs old slider method)
  • LYRX skins: Added tempo control
  • LYRX Skins: Added position slider for the background music / filler player
  • Added automix time setting for the background music / filler player
  • Better consistency / precision for key changes
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

DEX Changes

  • SoundCloud Go+ subscription integration (streaming)
  • Better compatibility with macOS Mojave (including Dark Mode)
  • New controllers supported: Denon DN-MCX8000 and Reloop TOUCH (over 100 DJ controllers supported)
  • Improved support for Party Tyme Karaoke (karaoke subscription) and
  • Fixed Retina mode on MacBookPro 15″ 2016 and newer
  • Various Performance improvements

DEX Changes

  • Fixed searching tracks when is disabled
  • Minor bug fixes

DEX Changes

  • New built-in karaoke song store for in-app on-the-fly purchasing
  • New ‘disable’ option under karaoke settings
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

DEX Changes

  • New controller supported: Pioneer DDJ-SX3
  • Better macOS Mojave compatibility
  • Fixed external disks not showing on macOS
  • Small improvements and fixes

DEX Changes

  • Added Visualizations (using shaders) – you can add new shaders from, rename, remove them, etc
  • You can pre-adjust key / apply key change in the karaoke rotation list
  • You can add tracks from History that have a singer name and key change to the karaoke rotation list (the saved Singer and Key change will be used)
  • Added “Always show shaders on top of everything” setting (Video preferences tab)
  • Automatically hide/show shader in case the deck does/doesn’t have video – you need to select “0 singers” in the Karaoke preferences or have an audio-only track playing if you want to see the shader; or, you could simply use the new “Always show shaders on top of everything” setting
  • New controller supported: Numark NDX500
  • Improvements to controllers scripts: Reloop Mixage CE/IE, American Audio VMS2, Hercules DJ Control Steel
  • Updated EULA text (license agreement)
  • Several bug fixes

DEX Changes

  • Reorder user lists (playlists) in the browser by dragging them with the mouse
  • Alphanumeric sorting of the user lists in the browser (right-click on a list for the option)
  • Export lists as CSV / M3U (right-click on the list contents for the
    option) – eg. you can use this to export a karaoke book in CSV format that you can process/edit and then print
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

DEX Changes

  • New setting: keep singers in rotation, even without songs
  • You can adjust the filler music player volume control independent of the karaoke player volume
  • Multiplex karaoke file support (mute/unmute background vocal for multiplex CDG files); usually in these multiplex karaoke files the left channel is instruments-only and the right channel is instruments+voice; to use this feature you need to use/select the karaoke skins (LYRX or LYRX12);
  • Custom video background (image or video) is now always displayed (even when there are no singers in the karaoke rotation list)
  • Included new karaoke-only LYRX skins (2 variations)
  • Several improvements to Hercules DJ controllers mappings/scripts
  • Fixed bug related to setting Samplers’ volume
  • Fixed some zip file issues
  • New skin actions: “filler_player_volume”, “master_mode”, “master_mode_text”, “master_karaoke_mode”, “master_karaoke_mode_text”
  • New script actions: “setFillerVolume”, “setMasterMode”, “setMasterKarMode”

DEX Changes

  • Maintenance Release: Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Fix a crash that would occur only on existing DEX 3

DEX Changes

  • Added Karaoke Singers Rotation list (managed singer rotation)
  • Rotation list functionality – after 20s of playback, the top singer in the rotation list is moved to the bottom of the list (if it still has any songs left to play/sing)
  • You can move, remove, collapse/expand the songs for a singer (click on the number of songs text/arrow)
  • You can drop a karaoke track on a singer’s line (and the singer’s name will be automatically pre-selected)
  • Singers history using autocomplete for Singer’s name (on macOS press F5 (Fn + F5) or Option-Esc to bring up the autocomplete list); you can clear the remembered singers;
  • You can add a track to the rotation by drag & drop, pressing on a track, double-clicking on a track, selecting the “Send to sidelist” menu option (right-click on a track)
  • DEX 3 Pro can now read all karaoke zip formats
  • Added Shuffle option to the Sort menu
  • History list now displays the singer that sang the song (singer name is saved to History list)
  • Search for all songs by a karaoke singer in DEX 3’s History list by typing “singer:name” or “s:name” (eg. s:joe)
  • Fixed cue points (in the mixer area) on the default 2-decks skins
  • Several improvements and fixes for drag & drop (eg. you can drop a track in a specific position in the side list)
  • Added Karaoke settings tab (in the Preferences/Configuration window)
  • Added setting: select the number of next singers to show on the video screen (0..5 singers)
  • Added setting: use case/preview player as background music / filler player for karaoke
  • Background music player / filler player for karaoke (please enable the setting above first)
    – Click on the Play button (case/preview player) to start mixing the AutoMix list; press again to pause;
    – Right-click to mix to the next track (skip)
  • Added the new Karaoke Singers Rotation list features to the 3 default Daytime skins
  • Smaller fonts for the karaoke next singers (on the video output)
  • Other minor fixes and performance improvements are also included

DEX Changes

  • Removed skin action “cue_pfl_mix”; removed controller script action “setCuePflMix”;
  • EQ ranges adjusted for better tweaking: -36..+6dB for low/mid and -36..+9dB for high, gain -12..+12dB; Microphone EQs -36..+12dB for low/mid/high, gain -18..+18dB;
  • Removed smaller resolutions video recording options – only HD/full-HD available
  • Fixed Finder/Explorer (inside the Browser section) to show folders/files sorted alphabetically; hide system/hidden folders/files/volumes/disks; hard/soft symbolic links (aka Symlinks) work OK;
  • Fixed crash when loading tracks with very low sample rate (22kHz or lower)
  • Small bug fixes and performance improvements

DEX Changes

  • Added resizing of browser and lists (works with all default skins)
  • New controller added: Numark NS6II
  • Fixed crash when using High-quality Time Stretching (and small quality
  • Skins: added actions: img_splitter_browser, img_splitter_list; added “issplitter” attribute to image (boolean)

DEX Changes

  • 64-bit Windows version (in addition to the usual 32-bit release)
  • Option to disable Party Tyme Karaoke in the browser
  • Right-click on the LOAD button to unload the deck
  • Graphics/interface rendering improvements in Windows
  • New controller supported: Numark DJ2GO 2
  • Fixed Analyze and Edit File Info menu options missing
  • Fixed memory leaks related to karaoke singers list
  • Various bug fixes and performance optimizations

DEX Changes

  • Removed Pulselocker (due to their recent demise)
  • Small bug fixes

DEX Changes

  • Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription bug fixes
  • Various performance improvements

DEX Changes

  • The in-app Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription is now supported in every Country, minus Japan.
  • Various performance optimizations

DEX Changes

  • Added Party Tyme Karaoke subscription service
  • Any tracks loaded will be marked as played (and added to History) only after about 20 seconds of actual playback
  • Fixed several issues related to Pulselocker
  • Fixed rare crash when closing the app
  • Various performance optimizations

DEX Changes

  • 3 new controllers added: American Audio VMS5, Numark Mixtrack Platinum, Numark PartyMix
  • New controllers scripts: added alert() function as an alias to the debug() function
  • Fixed bug “out of window IDs” when tweaking FX-related knobs
  • Minor compatibility improvements

DEX 3.8.0 Changes

  • Always-in-sync (sync-lock/beat-lock) – press Sync once and the song will stay in-sync with the master deck
  • Steady-rhythm BPM detection mode (for sync-lock) – works best for songs with perfect tempo (eg. electronic music)
  • Colored waveform’s (3 distinct layers so you can clearly see the rhythm and RMS/global levels)
  • Once you’ve analyzed a track(either by loading it or by using the batch Analyze/all feature) it will load instantly thereafter
  • 3 new Daytime skins (and tweaks for the Nighttime skins)
  • 3 new controllers supported: Denon MC7000, Hercules P32 DJ, Reloop Mixon 4
  • You can open ‘Edit Overlays’ window + switch between overlays from the skin itself (available in the 2-decks Nighttime/Daytime skins) (make sure you save/copy your overlays to ‘Documents/PCDJ-DEX3/Overlays’ if you want them to show up in the drop-down list)
  • Added spinner/text to see background tasks status (eg. how many items are still to be processed by ‘Analyze all’)
  • You can now minimize the main window (on your own display or switch to a different app while the secondary video window willremain visible)
  • Fixed crash when scanning bad/corrupt mp3s
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations

Skin Actions Update:

For people who design or edit skins we have added the following skin actions (see the skins included in the app for examples):

  • Added button actions: ‘show_video_overlays’, ‘enable_video_overlays’, ‘deck_cfassign_left’, ‘deck_cfassign_thru’, ‘deck_cfassign_right’ (to assign a deck to the crossfader)
  • Added drop-down actions: ‘dropdown_video_overlay’
  • Added text actions: ‘background_tasks_remaining’
  • Added image actions: ‘img_background_tasks_spinner’
  • Removed text actions: ‘status_background_processing’ – please replace with ‘background_tasks_remaining’ in all your skins

Controller Scripting Update:

For controller scripts (mappings) we have added the following:

  • Actions to assign a deck to the crossfader (to the left side, right side or simply skip the crossfader (THRU)): ‘deckCFAssignToLeft’, ‘deckCFAssignToThru’, ‘deckCFAssignToRight, ‘deckSetCFAssign’ (input values for ‘deckSetCFAssign’: 0 (left), 1 (THRU), 2 (right))
  • Notifications: global: recording; per-deck: cuepos11 .. cuepos16, looppos1 .. looppos8, fxCutoffLP, fxCutoffHP, fxBitCrusher, fxTremolo

DEX Changes

  • Updated to support latest Pulselocker SDK (Fixed random streaming issue)
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

DEX 3.7.5 Changes

  • Contextual menu to add Pulselocker songs to the Locker (to “Offline tracks”); you can also remove themas well asdownload as many track selections at a time as you wish.
  • Right-click on Pulselocker search results and use the “Download To Offline Tracks” option to retrieve songs to your hard drive. Use “Remove From Offline Tracks” to dump.
  • Added icons to show the status of a Pulselocker track (downloading, downloaded, removing, cloud, etc)
  • Updated Pulselocker SDK to latest version (1.2.2)
  • Excluded Pulselocker cloud tracks from the regular search results (it will still show tracks from the Locker – tracks that you have on your computer)
  • 7 new DJ controllers supported (zero-configure / map files included with software installation):
    – Behringer CMD Studio 2A
    – Behringer CMD Studio 4A
    – Hercules DJControl Instinct P8
    – Reloop DJ Beatmix 4 MK2
    – Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB
    – Pioneer DJ DDJ-RR
    – Pioneer DDJ WeGO2 (the original WeGO and the WeGO3 are also supported)
  • Updated M-Audio Xponent script (auto detection should work OK in all instances)
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance optimizations (eg. slightly faster searching/search results)

DEX Changes

  • Video Graphics Overlays (add customtext, images, videos to the video screen. “show logo” on screen)
  • Custom background (image or video) for Karaoke Singers List
  • “Disable Pulselocker” setting available under the general tab in options
  • Completely re-implemented Karaoke Singers List
  • New skin/scripting actions: “show_video_overlays” skin action, “videoOverlays” MIDI/skin scripting
  • New controller supported: Hercules DJControl Jogvision
  • Multiple fixes for the Denon MC-4000 controller script
  • Several bug fixes and performance improvements

DEX Changes:

  • Lots of internal rewriting/refactoring for overall better performance and stability
  • Fixed crash when right click and drag in the playlist/sidelist
  • Fixed bug with 2-decks skin (mixer controls disabled in some cases)
  • Fixed crash when loading certain tracks
  • Fixed bug with a Windows system file being picked up inadvertently, causing a crash for some.
  • Various optimizations

DEX Changes:

  • Updated and enabled Pulselocker for both Mac and Windows (new 1.2 SDK)
  • Ability to load video files without an audio stream/track
  • Automatically start Pulselocker searching after the user pauses entering text in the search text field (no need to manually press )
  • Fixed link video files to audio for Pulselocker tracks
  • Fixed loading of MP4 files that are actually audio-only (some MP4s with album artwork were loaded by mistake as video tracks)
  • Fixed crash when analyzing/loading tracks with silence only
  • Fixed preference not working (“Enable separate video window”)
  • Automatically configure audio for controllers (if the controller script implements it) + setting to disable/enable it
  • New controller actions and notifications for sampler (very easy to add normal/instant/stutter mode + led blinking to sampler leds on the controller)
  • Fixed microphone problems with various DJ controllers
  • Automatically enable On-Air when Talk is used
  • Completely refactored the file loading system (includingmultiplebug fixes)
  • Ability to link video files to audio tracks (from a user-selectable videos folder, random video selection is available too)
  • Video tab/panel added to the settings
  • Multiple performance optimizations
  • Various bug fixes

DEX 3.5.7 Changes:

  • NewPulselocker SDK Implemented
  • Pioneer DDJ-SB2 Map Included
  • Reloop RMP-4 Map Included
  • – New DJ Controller scripting actions: “deckLoopMode”, “reloadMidi” (similar to “reloadSkin” but for controllers development)
    – New DJ Controller scripting notification: global: “loopMode” (0 vinyl mode, 1 slip mode)
  • Other small optimizations

DEX 3.5.6 Changes:

  • New Launch logo/icon
  • Using official Pulselocker 1.0 SDK
  • Pulselocker free trial info window added
  • Other small optimizations

DEX 3.5.5 Changes:

  • Musical Key detection (for harmonic mixing) *
  • Setting to enable Key detection (off by default) *
  • Enlarged Pulselocker login window
  • Fixed crash when using Facebook account to connect to Pulselocker
  • Fixed crash when more than 32 HID devices are present (mice, touch-screens, controllers, etc)
  • Minor bug fixes

DEX 3.5 Changes:

  • Pulselocker Streaming Service Support
  • UpgradedBPM detection engine
  • All-New GUI andvarious skin modes
  • Loop points (saving and recalling loops)
  • New sample decks with many new features (like full players)
  • Effect engine refactoring (internal)
  • DJ Controllers can now be detected using USB VID:PID also on Mac
  • New controllers supported: Denon MC4000, Pioneer DDJ-SX2, Pioneer DDJ-WeGo3
  • When exiting search it restores the last viewed list/folder
  • Graphics rendering improvements (eg. better looking text)
  • Setting to change between then new and the old (compatibility mode) BPM detection
  • Several small bug fixes (including 2 crash fixes) and optimizations
  • Automatic detection of arrival/removal of MIDI controllers (you can now plug in or disconnect devices while DEX3.5is running)
  • Fixed rare crash when loading karaoke files
  • Fixed graphical rendering problems with artwork over jog-wheels (for skin
  • Fixed automatic rescanning when a new disk/usb drive is inserted or ejected
  • Fixed automatic rotation on Windows tablet devices
  • Many performance improvements

July 27th, 2015

DEX 3.4 Changes:

  • Brand new BPM detection engine (beta)
  • Icecast support (beta) – broadcast your live mix
  • Scratch tab/panel on the 2-decks skins
  • Loop points (saving and recalling loops)
  • Loop “Slip mode” setting – when exiting the loop it will continue as if no looping occurred (from the position it ought to be)
  • Auto-Cueing completely revamped:
    Automatically detected mix-in and mix-out cue points (IN/OUT)
    Setting to use either soft sounds or percussion for the in/out cue points detection
    Setting to use or not Auto-cueing when loading and for Auto-Mix
  • Effectengine refactoring (internal)
  • New Effects: Bit Crusher – Robot Delay – Temolo – And new redesigned High-Pass and Low-PassFilters.
  • Samplers improvements incl. Sampler play modes (normal, stutter, instant/momentary), recording, waveform, cutoff filter, monitoring (pre-listen)
  • Controllers can now be detected using USB VID:PID also on Mac
  • Denon MC-6000 MKIIDJ Controller is fully supported
  • When exiting search it restores the last viewed list/folder
  • Graphics rendering improvements (eg. better looking text)
  • Setting to change between then new and the old (compatibility mode) BPM detection
  • Several small bug fixes (including 2 crash fixes) and optimizations
  • Drag & drop files from Explorer / Finder to the current-list or the side-list
  • Automatic detection of arrival/removal of MIDI controllers (you can now plug in or disconnectdevices while DEX 3.4is running)

April 9th, 2015

– Play-Pause and CUE buttons blinking modes (works on controllers too)
– Key stepper setting (full/half/quarter semitone) now also applied to the key slider (not only to the key up/down buttons)
– Initial Support for the Denon MC-6000 MK2 (more improvement coming in 3.4)
– Denon HC-4500 improvements to the jog-wheels
– Support for WAV+G files (wav+cdg and zipped wav+cdg)
– Black video background when the track is paused (so we can clearly see the karaoke “Next Singer” list)
– Karaoke “Next Singer” list now shows the first 3 singers available in the first 10 tracks (no matter if there are audio tracks in between them)
– Fixed bug: if you drag and re-order singers, the next singer display goes blank.
– Fixed bug: database lost when certain tracks (with over 4000 chars + non-latin chars in the comment tag) are added

FEB 19, 2015

DEX 3.3.1 Changes:
– Reloop MixBeat 2
– Reloop MixBeat 4
– Reloop Terminal Mix 8
– Denon DN-MC6000 improvements
– waveforms amplitude normalized
– allows using special characters in lists names (eg. &)
– fixed several bugs
– minor improvements

JAN 23, 2015

DEX 3.3 changes:
– Added multi-track selection (work for/with: drag&drop tracks (to sidelist or to browser lists), remove tracks, analyse tracks, color/highlight tracks, send to sidelist, etc)
* You can use the or keys
* You can use the keyboard (eg. arrow keys)
– Added 5 new video transitions: Blur, Pixelate, Blinds, Swipe H, Swipe V
– Added setting to Preferences: “Search in the middle of words” (eg. to allow you to find “bcd” in “abcde”)
– Added clock (time) in the included skins
– Added new keyboard shortcuts:
* adds all inserted tracks in the current list to the sidelist
* inserts/clears all tracks in the list
* inserts the current track selected in the list
* drags/moves the current selected track up or down
* or drags/moves the current selected track to top/bottom of the list
– Fixed crash when loading huge iTunes libraries
– Fixed crash: tap/edit BPM from controllers
– Fixed: for skins designers: vertical sound-displays (waveforms) work ok now
– Other small fixes and improvements

DEX 3.2

DEC 30th, 2014

– Video mix recording (Beta)
– Windows: Changed the graphics rendering system to DirectX 11 (Much better performance)
– Optimizations to allow for up to one million tracks in the database and the search cache (works on any Mac; 64-bit Windows with 4GB of RAM or more is recommended)
– Searching improved
– Fixed bug: reading tags/album artwork from files/folders with non-standard Latin characters (accents, etc)
Please note that this will work only for new files — the files already added to the database can’t be updated (We plan to offer this in 3.3)
(the only solution/work-around right now is to manually edit the database.xml file and manually remove those badly scanned files and then to re-add them in the software)
– Added 2 simple video fx/filters: Black & White, Sepia
– Fixed crash on Mac when switching between Audio/Video skins
– Updated SkinDesigner with new attributes for playlist and wheel controls
– Several small improvements and bug fixes

Nov 14, 2014

– Extensive performance optimizations and stability improvements
– Added list-mode (table-like display mode) for current list/sidelist

* To change between normal and list-mode right-click on the list and select “Toggle view mode” from the popup menu
* You can: change columns order, hide/show columns, re-size columns, lock sorting or re-sizing, sort by clicking on the columns (and revert the sorting by clicking on the “No.” column header)

– Added daytime skins (and also modified master VU-meter color for the original skins)
– Added compatibility with iTunes 12
– Tags support greatly improved for both reading and writing (you can now edit tags for: mp3, m4a, mp4, wav, aif, flac, ogg, wma; note that most video files (except for mp4) don’t support tags so no tag editing is possible on mov, mkv, cdg-zip, au, etc)
– Changed functionality: you can also scroll the lists by dragging them from the right side (very useful for touch-screen users); drag-&-drop still works if you drag a track from the left side; (left 75% drag&drop / right 25% scroll)
– Improved controller engine on MacOSX
– Loaded tracks are “greyed out” (session only)
– Search improvements (includes fixing a search cache issue)
– For skins designers: jog-wheel artwork now possible (spinning or not, you can also use a mask for it)
– On Macs the app is now 64-bit (MacOSX 10.7+)
Known issues(to be addressed in next release):
– On some AMD-powered graphics cards (AMD APU ones more specifically) the interface might not load ok

DEX 3.0.1

Aug 22, 2014

– fixed slow searching bug
– changed max favorite folders to 128 (from 32)
– added .divx file support
– small bug fixes

DEX 3.0
August 7th, 2014
* Initial Release

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