The Bangor Daily News from Bangor, Maine (2024)

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to SHERMAN GRAY Summer Bangor, Me. Dover-Foxcroft People Having Many Visitors Guests DOVER-FOXCROFT, Aug. at the F. A. Moore camp at Sebto Lake Sunday included Mr.

and Harold True and children, David Virginia, Walter True, Mrs. Arthur Winslow and son. of Hartford, Mr. F. Moore and children, Fred and Mrs.

Elmer Parker were Sunday to visit their daugh- Arion Richardson. at the Bridges cottage Eyeday were- Mr. and. Mrs. Thad of Stewart Belfast, and Mrs.

Thompson and daughter, Tory of East Corinth, Miss Marion Davis of Bangor, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bishop, Mr. and Mrs Prancis Merrill, Mrs. Mabel Davis children, Mrs.

Barbara Ralph and Paul, Atkinson Melvin and End Betty Davis of Bangor, and Paula True. Mrs. Eda Jackson and daughter, pent and Miss Lucillia Bonsey the week -end at the Jackson cottage at Alfred Greeley's Sterli and landing. son, William News of Newport And Nearby Towns NEWPORT, 1-Supt. Miss and Mrs.

Ray Robinson and Eileen Kimball have returned from a motor trip to the world's fair and New York city. They were accompanied by Mrs. Robinson's niece, Miss Bernice Leighton of Harrington, and Mrs. Robinson's brother and family, Mr. and Mrs.

Albert Leighton and the Misses Anita and Priscilla of Lemonister, Mass. Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Halliday of Washington, D. are guests of Mrs.

Josie Witham, Shaw street, and visiting other friends. Mrs. D. Benson Young of Danvers, is at her home in Newport with her husband, D. Benson Young.

She, is now on a trip to their sporting camp at Chance Harbor, N. B. Mrs. a S. G.

Merrill, Mrs. C. O. Merrill and sons, Everett and Nathan, have returned from a business and pleasure trip to New Haven, and Boston. Robert Dresser accompanied them and visited relatives in Haverhill, Hass.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. were in Waterville, Sunday, calling on Mr. and Mrs.

Clarence Emery. Miss Betty Parlee and Richard Parlee returned Sunday from a visit with their grandparents, and Mrs. H. H. Parlee, in Monmouth, and Mr.

and Mrs. Arthur Briggs in Winthrop. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Parlee were Sunday guests of their parents, their son and daughter returning with them.

Mrs. Velma Chase has gone Brewer, where she has employment at the Russel hospital. Mrs. Eva Pritchard of Saugus, is visiting her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs.

C. O. Merrill, and sons, Everett and Nathan. Miss Roberta Lewis has returned to Portland after spending a vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.

W. B. Lewis. She was accompanied by her sisters. Miss Beulah and Miss Jacqueline, who were week-end guests in Portland.

On their return trip they were accompanied by Miss Priscilla Pozier of Augusta, a roommate of Miss Beulah at the University of Maine, for a Mr. and Mrs. George Plummer of Main street and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dwelley were in Pittsfield, Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Taylor of Elm street visited their daughter, Miss Annie Taylor, Saturday, at the Maine General hospital, Portland, where she is in training.

Mrs. Muriel Richards and daughters, Patricia and Jacqueline, have returned home after a visit with her sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Errol Bruce, in Rumford. Miss Barbara Swett is visiting her brother Kenneth and Twitchell, sister, in Mr Phillips.

and Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Maloney, Mr.

and Mrs. Harry Baker, and Miss Sarah Patterson were at Good Will farm, Hinckley, Sunday. Senator Marden of Waterville will be the speaker at the Kiwanis meetat Jones Inn, Thursday evening. A good sum was realized at the food sale at the home of Mr. and Mrs.

Mark H. Taylor, Saturday, for the benefit of the public library, sponsored by the Newport Woman's club. Mrs. R. H.

Dyer was chairman. Anyone not taking an active part may send contributions to Mrs. Dyer for final receipts. Miss Gladys Patterson has returned from a week's vacation at Castine with Miss Mary Houston of Bangor. Miss Ettamae Berdeen of Pittsfield called Sunday at the home of Mr.

and Mrs. L. M. Patterson, and with Miss Gladys Patterson they motored to Cold Stream pond in Enfield to call on Mr. Patterson's brother and wife, Mr.

and Mrs. Lester Patterson, who have a cottage there. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Koehler of Boston were guests of Mr.

and Mrs. W. A. Smith. They came to attend the Wright reunion, held Sunday at the home of Mr.

and Mrs. Smith. Hadley Smith is visiting his brother, Charles Smith, in Skowhegan. and son, Donald, are guests at the Norman Ladd home for a week. Mrs.

R. P. Chamberlain and daughter, Barbara of Waterbury. arrived Monday night to spend two weeks with Mrs. Chamberlain's sisters.

Mrs. W. E. Barney and Mrs. W.

J. Lisson. Mrs. Elsie Cunningham is having a two weeks' vacation from Koritsky's store. She is at present at her cottage at Lakeside.

Mr. and Mrs. William Mitchell and sons, Herbert and Charles, of Brewer were guests Sunday evening of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.

W. Mitchell and his sister, Mrs. Stanley Warren. Miss Laura Towle is having a two weeks' vacation from her work at the Stowell MacGregor office. She is at present at her home in Enfield, where she is doing substitute work in the Lincoln Stowell MacGregor Corporation office.

Mr. and Mrs. John Ayer of Bangor, William Ayer and Miss Freda Dudley were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Norton.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Clement left Monday for a two weeks' vacation. Their trip will include a visit at Niagara Falls. They will be joined by their son, Philip, of Foxboro for the week-end.

Miss Helena Gray of Houlton. who has been spending several days in town visiting friends and relatives has returned to her home. Elaine and Corleen McCormick who have been visiting Mrs. Harold Mayhew. have returned to their home in Lincoln.

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Alexander of Lincoln were week-end guests of her parents. E. W.

Judkins. Mrs. Evelyn Jordan is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Lester L.

Starbird in Farmington for a few weeks. a land, Mr. and are Mrs. guests Frank at Mayo the of Wilson RutLoud home on Summer street. Mrs.

Victor Miller and children were recent guests of Mrs. Murray Littlefield of Milo. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Vaselacopoulas and Mr.

and Mrs. C. L. Anderson of Chicopee Falls, Mass are at the S. D.

Barker cottage at Sebec Lake. Milo-Derby Social And Personal News Ben Franklin Employees Guests at Outing at Sebec Lake MILO-DERBY, Aug. 1-Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Treworgy gave the clerks from the Milo, Dexter and Bucksport Ben Franklin stores an outing and picnic Sunday at their cottage on Sebec lake.

Mr. Treworgy gave them motor boat rides and Abner Morrison of Bangor, who with Mrs. Morrison summers on a house boat on the lake, also gave the girls a ride. Swiming was enjoyed. Those going from here were Mrs.

Leona Decker, Miss Althea Conary, Hope Buzell, Miss Marion Mrs. Eileen Masterman and Miss Jean Heald. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Mowatt and two sons, Ronald, and Billy, and Howard Mowatt returned to Boston, Sunday, after spending their vacation with their parents, Mr.

and Mrs. W. R. Mowatt, here and at Boyd Lake. Mr.

and Mrs. Fred Shaw of New York are spending a few days at the Shaw having home some on work Elm done street. on the old is home. Miss Frances Daggett, R. superintendent of the Mount Desert Island hospital, spent Sunday with her parents, Mr.

and Mrs. George Warren Daggett, who also had as to Sunday callers Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crummet of Lancaster, N. Y.

who are vacationing in this vicinity. Mr Mrs. W. H. Sturtevant visited relatives in Orono, Sunday.

Cards are out notifying the "Old Timers" of Milo High school that the fourteenth reunion will be held in the Milo Town hall Saturday, August 12. Mrs. W. R. L.

Hathaway, who has been quite ill for the past few weeks, is being cared for by Mrs. Elizabeth Horne, R. N. Miss Esther Philbrick is assisting with the housework. Charles Ellis of Bar Harbor was a Sunday visitor of his father.

Fred Ellis. and called on other relatives and friends. E. W. Peterson has returned from Camp Devens, where he has had 14 days of training as captain in the engineer reserve, U.

S. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hoskins and daughters, Amy, Bertha and Christine, returned Saturday from Sydney, Cape Breton, where they have been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.

Hector McClain. Mrs. Effie Strout and her sister, Miss Rena Cunningham, returned Saturday from a few days spent in Houlton with the former's son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Jercme Strout, and little son, Ronald.

Mrs. Carrie. Bailey of Medford was in town Monday calling on friends and relatives. The Misses Shirley and Mildred McDonald entertained a group of friends at a lawn party Friday evening. Ping pong and Chinese checkers were enjoyed and refreshments were served.

Guests were the Misses Ruth Hamlin, Lora Doble, Mary Curran, and Jane Doble, George Dean, and Olive Laroushe, Frank Day was invited but was unable to attend. Mrs. Dorothy Clough entertained a group of friends in honor of Mrs. Leon Clough. She received many lovely and useful gifts.

Chinese checkers were in play and the hostess served refreshments. Those present besides the hostess and guest of honor were Mrs. Belle Decker, Mrs. Hazel Mason, daughter Charlette, Mrs. Annie Hodgkins, Mrs.

Antress Boobar, Mrs. Bessie -Hichborn and son, Mrs. Tessa Whyte, Mrs. Alice Mooers, Mrs. Laura Butler, Mrs.

Benson, Mrs. Mildred Chadbourne, and Melveen Clough. Mrs. Laura Butler and Mrs. Landy Benson spent the week-end at a Camp Etna.

A. P. Mills is visiting his daughter, and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Lorin Howe in Bristol, Conn.

Milo friends of Mrs. Lulu Monroe and her sister, Miss Mabel Weymouth will be interested know that they have left Greenwich, and are now located at 1045 Balboa street, Burlingame, Calif. Miss Marguerite Hill is visiting Miss Joy Webster in Litchfield. Maynard Littlefield, who is employed at Ripogenus dam, spent the week-end at his home in town. The Happy Hour club will meet Wednesday afternoon with Mrs.

Rose Pellerin instead of with Mrs. Eva Cote as previously announced. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Delano spent Sunday at Sebec lake.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pellerin had as Sunday guests sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Raymond ana son, Edward, Mrs.

St. Pierre of Brunswick, also her sisJosephine terine entire party went to Bingham, where they were met by Mrs. Pellerin's brother, Ludger Pelkie, and two sons, Albert and Eskar, for a picnic dinner and sightseeihg trip around the dam. Mr. and Mrs.

J. A. Mooers, Mrs. Tessa Whyte and C. H.

Drinkwater spent the week-end at Camp Yellow Jacket, Camp Etna. Mrs. Margaret Waterhouse, who has summer employment at Green lake, came Monday for a few days' visit at home. Mr. and Mrs.

Edwin Conary, daughter, Miss Althea and Miss Helen London are spending this week at the Perry coutage, Boyd lake. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Day were Sunday guests of his sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs.

Bernard Smith, in Lincoln. Pearl Joan Smith returned with her uncle and aunt for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Doble of Lagrange, John Doble, Mr.

and Mrs. Charles Stone of Hilton Village, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Doble, Benjamin, Lora Jane and James Doble, Mr. and Mrs.

Frank Doble, Reginald and Malcolm Doble and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Noble attended the Doble family reunion at the Bath summer home of Malcolm Doble and family, going Saturday and returning home Sunday night. Milo friends of Mrs. Charles Clement of Pittsfield extend sympathy to and her family in the death of her husband, Charles F.

Clement, which occurred Monday in the Thayer hospital at Waterville, where he has been a patient for several weeks, after fall from the roof of a house. Mr. and Mrs. Clement were former residents here where Mr. Clement AS superintendent of this school union.

The Wesleyan society will hold its monthly business meeting and lunch club on the Methodist church lawn Wednesday afternoon. If rainy the meeting will be held inside the church. Mrs. Genie Harris has summer employment for Mrs. Olive Harmon at Scarboro Beach.

Fred Harris and daughter, Miss Joanna Harris, and Starr Harris spent the week-end at Scarboro. Mrs. Fred Harris, Mrs. John Doble, and Lawrence Doble, who spent the past week at Libby's farm camps, returned home with them Sunday night. The Past Noble Grands will meet Thursday at Cold Stream pond with Mrs.

Agnes Sawyer as hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie McEachern spent Sunday with his mother, Mrs. Ambrose McEachern, and other relatives in Greenville.

Brownville Is Planning For Old Home Week Many Interesting tures on the Program; News of Two Villages BROWNVILLE, Aug. 1-A shower was given Saturday evening at the home of Mrs. Edna Fish for Miss Annie Bagley in honor of her. approaching marriage to LeRoy Burgoyne. Games were played, and refreshments served by Mrs.

Hazel St. Louis and Mrs. Elsie Melanson. Miss Bagley received many handy and useful gifts. Those present were: Mrs.

Helen Martell, Miss Leola Loudon, Mrs. Clara Richards, Miss Laura Hatton, Mrs. Miss Laura Hatton, Mrs. Marion Kirby, Miss Ellen McGrath, Mrs. Ruth Dolley, Miss Ethel BagMrs.

Marada Legassie, Miss Roberta Dean, Miss Kathrine St. Louis, Mrs. Elsie Melanson, Mrs. Bertha Gould, Miss Gladys Larson, Miss Freda Rogerson, Miss Glendora Thompson, Mr. and Mrs.

Fish, John Fish, and Frances Hall, Miss Mary Searles entertained a few of her school friends Friday afternoon at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Searles, at East Ridge.

Games and refreshments were enjoyed. Those present were the Misses Hazel and Florence Tobin, Eleanor Olson, Betty and Janette Ellis, Louise Pomelow, and Bette Melanson. Preparations are on foot for the observance of Old Home Week-end on August 12 and 13. The High School Alumni Association is planning a ball with program at Prairie Pavilion on Friday evening, August 11. On Saturday, afternoon a social time at hall is planned with a flower show and exhibition of silhouettes.

A program of sports will be presented on the playground adjoining at 3 o'clock, T. Supper will be served at 4:30, E. S. by the ladies of Community Circle. The pageant of Wedding Gowns will be given at 7:30.

The Old Home service on Sunday, August 13, will be held at 2 p. E. S. at Community church, and the speaker will be Rev. Frederick M.

Meek, pastor of All Souls church in Bangor. This service will observe the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the church building which took place on September 25, 1839. The Old Home Service at Sebec will be held next Sunday at 2 o'clock, D. S. with Rev.

Ashley Smith of Bangor as speaker. Paul Roberts returned to his work at Prout's Neck Friday after a vacation spent at his home here. Mrs. Annie L. Ryder spent the week-end with her grandnieces, the Mary, Harriet and Dorothy Crossman at Dover-Foxcroft.

Miss Dorothy Berg, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Milton Smith for a week, returned to Quincy, Monday. The C. C.

club will meet Wednesday afternoon at the vestry with a covered dish lunch. Miss Leta Crowe of Montreal was a week-end guest of her aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth Crandlemire. She is a student nurse in the Women's General hospital, Montreal. Mrs.

F. D. Parent and family of Bangor were also for the week-end. Miss Nanette Savage, student there, nurse at E. M.

G. hospital, Bangor, came Saturday on a three weeks' vacation. She was accompanied by Miss Anna Sargent, and the two young ladies will enjoy camping trip. The Junior Welfare club will hold its regular meeting Wednesday evening at the club rooms. Mr.

and Mrs. B. A. Thomas of Melbourne, were guests of Mr. and Mrs.

L. J. Moores for the weekend. Community Circle will meet Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Lea Sprague.

Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Lancaster, daughter, Frances, and son, Willis, and Mrs.

Vaughan Lancaster were at Greely's Landing, Sebec lake, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. H. A.

Scribner have moved from Church street to the apartment in Masonic block. Mrs. Marion Yeo and daughter, Alta, are guests of Mrs. H. R.

Ladd for a few days. Miss Lillian Fredin of Springfieid, arrived home Saturday to spend her vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. N.

Fredin. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brown and son, of Corinna, were guests of Mrs. C.

S. Davis Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. T.

H. Perfield and Miss Turner of New York city arrived Monday to spend remainder of the summer at the Perfield summer home, Schoodic Lake road. Mr. and Mrs. F.

I. Gould were at Old To Town Sunday to visit Mrs. Gould's sister. Mr. and Mrs.

E. W. Perkins and daughter, Blanche Louise, motored to Portland Saturday, returning Sunday with Mr. Perkins' sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs.

William Nelson, and son, Billy, of Hartford, who will visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Perkins, for a week.

Miss Ruth Prescott went to Bangor Saturday for a few days' stay. Leo Sprague, who has been employed in Nashua, N. arrived home Saturday night. Mrs. E.

D. Shea left Saturday for Port, Join Washington, her husband. Long Island, N. Mr. and Mrs.

F. E. McKeen and son, Robert, of Brewer, and Mrs. Fred Shaw of Buffalo, N. Y.

were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Davis.

Dudley Hughes of Arlington, is visiting his grandmother, Mrs. Mary Hughes. George Livingstone returned to Patten Monday after spending the week-end at home. Mrs. Bessie Brewer of Milo was an overnight guest of Mrs.

H. R. Ladd Saturday night. BROWNVILLE JUNCTION Rev. and Mrs.

W. H. Stewart, who have been enjoying a wedding trip to England, are expected back this week, and Mr. Stewart will resume his work as pastor of the local M. E.

church. Mrs. Emma C. Berg, and Mr. and Mrs.

John Berg, of Quincy, Mass. spent the week-end at Sarge Rugale's house and continued their trip Monday to New Sweden. The Misses Ellen Berg and Eleanor Clarkin of Quincy, Miss Lucile Moineau of Newton, and Miss Dorothy Hart of Wollaston, are spending the week at the Rugale house. Mr. and Mrs.

George Roberts and family of Houlton were guests of Mrs. Roberts' mother, Mrs. Annie M. Ryder, for the week-end. Miss Priscilla Roberts remained here for a longer visit.

Walter Mack has returned to his work after several weeks' lay-off on account of trouble with his eye which is now much improved. Mr. and Mrs. A. H.

MacDonald and son, Ralph, and John Fitzsimonds of Montreal, are guests of the latter's niece, Mrs. Hugh Miller. Mr. and Mrs. L.

J. Whelpley and daughter, Margaret, have returned from their summer home Carter's Point, N. and Miss Whelpley has returned to her work at Orono. Mr. and Mrs.

B. S. Hodgman spent the week-end at McAdam, N. B. Billy Cunningham and Myron Tufts, are at Ebeeme for a few days.

Master John Noble is in Lagrange visiting his aunt, Mrs. Dorothy Heal. Miss Jean Devoe of Bangor has returned to her home after spending a week with Miss Priscilla Arbo. Errol Estes and family are spending the summer at their cottage at Ebeeme. James Powell and sons, James and Richard, of Vanceboro, were guests of relatives Sunday.

Mrs. M. G. Tufts has gone to Houlton to visit Mrs. George Roberts.

Miss Noreen Vickers, who has been spending her vacation with her mother, Mrs. Margaret Vickers, here and at Mirimichi, N. has returned to Bangor. Mr. and Mrs.

Herbert Hanson of Greenville were guests Sunday of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chase. Mrs. E.

K. Dunn recently fell while at Ebeeme, and broke her wrist. Miss Argie Graves was at hone from Lincoln for the week-end. pa patient Vernon at E. Brown, M.

G. who hospital, been Ban- a gor, following an appendectomy, returned home Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Errol Williams of Waterville were guests for the weekend of Mr.

and Mrs. D. E. Billings. Clayton Chatfield is spending his vacation with Mr.

and Mrs. Harry Jones. James Swazey and family are living on the Braun place opposite Charles Chase's at North Brownville. Pittsfield Post To Entertain at Legion Field Day PITTSFIELD, Aug. 1-All Legionnaires and their wives of Somerset county are invited to be guests of the Otis M.

Vining post and its auxiliary of this town for a field day Sunday at the cottage of James E. Lagorio on Lake Winnecook. Refreshments will be on sale and those attending may bring picnic lunches. A program of field and water sports has been arranged. O.

S. Haskell camp, Sons of Union Veterans, and auxiliary will hold a joint meeting in the Grand Army hall Wednesday evening at 7:00. Members will attend the funeral services of Charles L. Clement, camp commander, at the Universalist church, Wednesday afternoon at three o'clock. Mr.

and Mrs. Axel Hamilton and family East Jeffrey, N. are guests of Mr. Hamilton's brother and wife. Mr.

and Mrs. Birger Esou Hamilton. Herman G. Cowan, Charles M. Toner, and James Parsons, were in Lakewood, Monday.

Norris Tarbell of Thompsonville, was in town during the weekend calling on relatives en route to Calais for a visit with his grandparents. East Somerset Pomona Grange will meet in East Newport, Wednesday evening. Arthur L. Oliver of this town is master, and it is expected that a large delegation from the local grange will attend. Mrs.

Edythe Hill Cunningham, Mrs. Grace M. Cook, and Mrs. Ola Jamieson were in Boothbay Harbor, Monday. They were accompanied by George E.

Bryant and George F. Webber. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H.

Shuman of South Street are entertaining Mrs. Shuman's brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Cohen, and William Gladstone of Brookline, for the remainder of the week. Miss Novelle Cookson has gone to Brewer for a few weeks' visit with her aunt and uncle, Mr.

and Mrs. Clifford, G. Fickett. Mr. and Mrs.

Angus Rockwood are, receiving congratulations on birth of a daughter at the Mayo hospital in Dovercroft. Mr. Morey is a brother of Mrs. Muriel Morey Getchell of this town. The Cheer-A-Bit club will meet Wednesday afternoon at its club house in West Pittsfield.

Mr. and Mrs. Owen Gould of Milborn, N. are spending their vacation in town, guests of their father, Isiaah Gould, and their brother and wife. Mr.

and Mrs. Jerome Gould, in West Pittsfield. Dr. Marcus P. Hambleton and Miss Helen Hambleton of Fontana.

who' are spending the summer OBITUARIES JOHN HENRY SHAW OLD TOWN, Aug. 1--John Henry Shaw, 67, died early this mornirg at his home after a few hours illness. Although not in good health he was able to be out only yesterday. He was born in Winn and had lived in Old Town for 25 years, coming here from Lowell. He was.

a saw filer for many years, a member of the dependent Orders of Foresters and had many friends. He is survived by two brothers, John Shaw, Jr. of Bangor and Henry J. Shaw Old Town, and several nieces and nephews. The remains will be at the Baillargeon rooms until Wednesday afternoon when they will be taken to his late home, 436 South Main street until the funeral which will be Thursday morning at 9 o'clock in St.

Mary's church. ISAAC E. LUFKIN ELLSWORTH, Aug. 1-Isaac Edward Lufkin, 77 of Surry died Monday in the Castine hospital. Funeral services by Rev.

Ralph H. Kimball will be at the home. Wednesday at 2 o'clock DST. Burial will be in cemetery, Blue Hill. He is survived by his wife, MRS.

ALICE S. STONE Stone, 84, who died in her old home here Thursday was born in Troy and was married to Rufus E. Stone here, have been guests. of relatives in Brunswick the past few days. Miss spending Alice a week Kinney with of Augurents.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kinney, Cross street. Mr. and Mrs.

Herbert L. Palmer, South Main street, entertained Mrs. W. S. Dearborn of Kennebunk and Miss Gertrude Looke of Dorchester, recently.

Mrs. Hilda Hatch and children have returned from a month's visit with Mrs. Hatch's brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Thurston, in Woodstown, N.

J. Mrs. Della Walker and family have returned from several weeks at their cottage at Lake Sebasticook. Miss Jean Bell is the guest of her mother, Mrs. H.

L. Bell, in Smyrna Mills. Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Taylor of North Portland, were Sunday guests of New.

Abel Webb, Nichols street. They accompanied the Misses Margaret and Jeanette Webb, and Robert Webb home following two weeks' visit there. Ada Peasley and guests, Mr. Mrs. and Mrs.

David Smith of Augusta, in Rockwood over the weekwere on Carl Peasley at his end calling camp. Mr. and Mrs. Ray H. Butler entertained Mr.

and Mrs. Earle their cottage on Lake Winnecook at over the week-end. and Mrs. Murch of Mr. Dexter and Mr.

Murch's parents, Mrs. Edmund Murch of this Mr. and town, were in Bar Harbor during the week-end. Roland Wyman and father, Clarence Wyman of Waterville, and Fred Wyman of South Detroit called on Franklin Wyman and family recently. Dr.

Olga H. Gross was a guest Sunday of Dr. Virginia King at her cottage on Lake Cobosseecontee, Winthrop. The Misses Mary and Patricia Frederick have returned to Dorchester, after a visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs.

Frank Frederick. Miss Donnie Getchell is spending her vacation with her mother, Mrs. Dennis Getchell, Peltoma avenue. Miss Getchell is a teacher in Hunter college in New York City. Mr.

and Mrs. Ralph Hopkins recently entertained Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hopkins, and children, Thelma and Almon, of Detroit. Mr.

and Mrs. Ernest A. Read, Mrs. Lula Getchell. and Miss Lena Marsh were recent guests of Prof.

and Mrs. Adison Porter of Boston at their cottage on Lake Wineecook. Wilton Buckley, youngest son oil Mr. and Mrs. Oliver 1 E.

Buckley, Peltoma avenue, is at the state YMCA in Winthrop. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Flewelleyn. Chester street.

entertained recently Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Flewellyn of Easton, who had been visiting relatives and friends in Rhode Island.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles London and son, Charles, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Emery of Hartland called on Mrs.

Frances Folsom in East Skowhegan recently. The Good Luck club will meet with Mrs. Blanche Hunter, Somerset avenue, Thursday at 2:15. and Mrs. Edgar F.

Lane and family, Peltoma avenue, have been entertaining Mr. Lane's mother, Mrs. J. F. Lane of Leeds, for the past week.

Miss Evelyn Webendorfer and parents. Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Webendorfer, are visiting the New York world's fair and San Francisco exposition.

Mrs. Eva L. Toner and her guest. Mrs. Viola Littlefield of Orono, were recent guests of Mr.

and Mrs. A. W. Brill in Winslow. Richard Grainger has returned to his home in Mamaroneck, N.

after several days' visit here with Mr. and Mrs. William E. Burton and daughter, Brenda, Hartland avenue. Mrs.

Marie T. Bradtord. R. head of the local public health service, is on vacation for the month of August. Mrs.

Frederick G. Eaton of Augusta was in town recently calling on friends and to accompany her daughter, Miss Mable Eaton, nome after. a week's visit with Miss Marjorie Tilton, Nichols street. Mr. and Mrs.

George A. Moore spent last week at Great Moose lake, guests of Mrs. Moore's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.

M. Lancey. David C. Libbey, son. of Mr.

and Mrs. Everett E. Libbey, has gone to Boston, where he will be the guest of his sister, Miss Betsey E. Libbey. Miss Sara Cowan, who has been spending a few weeks with her uncle, the Rev.

Charles H. JohonPalmyra, left Tuesday for Portland for the remainder of the week. Roy E. Whittier Grocer in Danforth for Long Time; Fish and Game Warden DANFORTH, Aug. 1-The death of Roy E.

Whittier, 65, a well known citizen, occurred Sunday, generally deplored by friends. The son of Lewis and Angelina Whittier of Haynesville, he had lived here for the past 27 years. During his early years he was associated with Hinch Chambers in the Danforth Grocery Company store. He later served for ten years as a warden of the State Fish and Game Association. For the past several years he had been the owner of a grocery business here.

He was a member of Baskahegan lodge, F. and A. and Nonpareil chapter, Order of Eastern Star. He leaves his wife, Mrs. Georgie Brannen Whittier; a brother and a sister, Justin Whittier of Haynesville, and Mrs.

Eva Kitchen of Houlton. There are several nephews and nieces. A Masonic funeral was at the home this afternoon. in 1873. For over thirty years she was a leading dressmaker and well known for her interest in the welfare of her townspeople.

She leaves a large circle of friends. Besides her daughter, Mrs. Mabel Dudley, of Lewiston, with whom she had lived the past nineteen winters, she leaves a grandson, Harold R. Stone of Belfast and Mrs. Helen Griffin of Bangor, a granddaughter.

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write or Tel. SHERMAN GRAY 58 Summer Bangor, Me. of Boston, who have been a month at the home of Norman Ladd, have returned home. Mrs. W.

E. Brunham, and son, John and Miss Marjorie Weaver, who have been guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. C.

Dyer for a few days, have returned to their homes in Greenfield. Mr. and Mrs. George Smith. who have been several weeks in Phillips, returned home -Saturday night.

Mrs. Max Sawyer and daughter, Nadine of Brunswick, are spending several days with Mrs. Sawyer's mother, Mrs. Margaret Hill. Mrs.

S. T. Pratt of Dover South Mills is a patient at the Mayo hospital. Guests at the Walter King home on Union street Sunday night included Miss Anna Dean, Arline Mischlor of Dexter, who was a week-end guest, Vaughn Dean of Orono, Lawrence Merrill, and Dean. Shaw of Pittsfield was a Sunday guest of Mrs.

Jessie Merrill. Mr. Mrs. Robert Day and son. Sidney, and Mr.

and Mrs. Steadman Graves of New Brunswick. were in Hallowell Sunday, where they visited Willard Graves. They returned by way of Belfast. home.

and Mrs. Edgar Leland, Charles Hicks of Los Angeles, Mrs. Carroll Dumphey, and Farwell Ballou were in Carmel Sunday, where they attended the Carmel Union church. At noon they enjoyed a picnic with Mr. and Mrs.

Luther Ballou and son, Philip. Mrs. Albert King and children. Paul and Lillian, have been visiting Mrs. Mertie King in Milbridge for two weeks.

Mrs. Foster Kimball of Littleton SOUTH BLUE HILL, Aug. 1-The funeral of Mrs. Lizzie Henderson of Brooklin was held here at the Chapel on Thursday afternoon by Rev. W.

H. Whittier of Blue Hill. worth sadly missed. Henderson. was of sterling She leaves a brother William Duffy of this place; three sons, Charles, William and Wesley Henderson and three daughters, Julia Haynes and Mrs.

Lilla Holden of Brooklin and Mrs. Gertrude Collins, living here. Interment in the family lot here. The floral tributes were many and beautiful. MRS.

ISAAC DAVIS LEE, Aug. 1-Mrs. Laura Hanscom Davis, 18, wife of Isaac Davis, who died after a short was the daughter of Mr. and illness, Harny Hanscom, who survive; also her husband and brother, Forest Hanscom; the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.

Dougal McKinley of Upper Nelson, N. aunts, uncles and cousins. Funeral services were by Rev. Leslie A. Farrar, in the Lee Baptist church which was filled with relatives and friends.

Floral tributes were in great profusion. The bearers were cousins, Kenneth and Merrill Hanscom, Vinal and Evan Cobb. Those present from out of town and family of Hallowell; Edith were and Mrs. Burton. Davis Farnsworth Bar Harbor: Mrs.

Dave Murchison and family of Lincoln; Mr. and Mrs. Weldon McKinly and family, Hilton McKinly and Milton McKinly all of Broadlands, P. Mr. and Mrs.

Robert Harper and family of Campbellton, N. Mrs. Irving Starks Bristol, and Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Hanscom of Lincoln.

GEORGE DWYER DANFORTH, Aug. 1- The death of George Dwyer, 54, farmer, occurred Saturday, at his home in Selden, long illness. In 1910 he married Miss Ida Coffee of Harvey, N. who survives; also seven sons and daughters, Stanley Dwyer, Mrytle Bragdon, Glennys Dwyer, Mrs. Dola Lilly, Katherine Anderson, Doris, Monte and Hartley Dwyer.

There are two grandchildren. He also leaves his mother, Mrs. Nancy Dwyer of Amity, and six brothers and sisters, Fred Dwyer and Mrs. Esther Anderson of Amity, Forrest Dwyer Massachusetts, Mrs. Effie Sleeper of Old Town, William Dwyer of Bangor, and Leo Dwyer of Smyrna Mills.

The funeral services were in the Selden Baptist church, Monday afternoon by Rev. Mr. Blackwell of Haynesville. ARTHUR HIGGINS CARIBOU, Aug. 1-Arthur Higgins, 59, well known railroad man, died at his home on Teague street tonight after a long period of declining health.

He was born in Mapleton and was an engineer on the Bangor and Aroostook railroad for 27 years, a member of the Caribou lodge of Odd Fellows and the Rebekahs. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Bessie Higgins; two daughters, Mrs. Irvine E. Barnes of Washburn, and Betty Higgins of Caribou; three sons, Wendell, James, and Donald Higgins his mother, Mrs.

Mary Higgins of Lomita, a sister, Mrs. Rhoda Moore, in California; two brothers, Harry Higgins in California and B. E. Higgins, Mapleton. FUNERAL SERVICES Funeral services for Mrs.

Lunette Fifield were at the residence, 262 Essex street, Monday afternoon by Rev. Reymond L. Har. of Pine Street Methodist church. The bearers.

were G. Rockwell Youngs, Sidney Noyes, George Annas and Milton W. Winchester. Many friends attended and flowers were in profusion. Interment was in the family lot in Mount Hope cemetery.

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